Tuesday, March 01, 2011

update #030111

The 2011 Chapbook Festival is this Thursday and Friday and we'll be there selling our books and handing our free pamphlets and saying hello. We'll have the latest books by Kathleen Rooney and Corduroy Mtn and whatever we have left of our back stock. Please keep in mind that on Thursday we might be a little late as we're taking an early bus from Boston so if you see our table is empty, trust us, we'll be there. Stop by and wish us a happy birthday!


It is March of 2011 which means we'll have been open for business for four years! FOUR YEARS! Lordy. It started with Peter Berghoef getting a haircut. From then and up to our latest batch its been such an incredible ride. We've met so many great folks and made so many pals and comrades. Thanks to everyone who has ever bought a book from us. Thanks for all the support. We're still hungry to keep things weird and unique. More than ever. As Charlie would say: "WINNING!"

When we get back we'll be making some alteration to the website. New layout and a new blog. Nothing fancy. Just a sprucing up. We'll also have some great books by Jac Jemc, Sasha Fletcher, Paige Taggart, Garth Graeper, Jordan Davis, and Travis Brown. Not in that order. We have poetry and magic in pour fingertips, bro.

In the meantime, we offer to you for free a digital chapbook by GG Boss, Carl Annarummo. It is called "So Then Let Me Be Forgotten." He doesn't often share with work with ANYBODY so this is a real treat.

Pass it along. Send feedback or suggestions. Print it and leave it on a bus.

More in a bit.

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And, yes, ANYBODY does include his wife.