Saturday, January 15, 2011

2011/12 Lineup!

Without further ado, we announce the lineup for the 2011/12 season! These books will be released starting in the summer of 2011 and ending early the spring of 2012. They are:

    Jon Cone - "Least"
    Weston Cutter - "Plus or Minus"
    Tyler Dorholt - "The Point or What I Cannot Recall"
    Rick Hale - "Pistachio & Iris"
    Tony Mancus - "Bye Land"
    Trey Moody - "Once Was A Weather"
    Nate Pritts - "Sky Poems"
    Jennifer Pilch - "Profil Perdu"
    Joseph Riippi - "Treesisters"
    Josh Russell - "Pretend You'll Do It Again"

There's some new blood and some old blood and a great mix of poetry and prose.
It'll be an honor having them in the ranks!

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