Thursday, January 27, 2011



Come join us in early March for the 3rd annual CUNY Chapbook Festival! We'll have a ton of stuff to sell and give away. And we'll be there both days. Lets grab a beer and maybe a slice at Sbarro's.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


And What Is Left, As Much AS The Hands Will Hold, & A View Of The Empty Porch
by Andrew Borgstrom
Greying Ghost Press #37
$5.00 | ORDER

Quite possibly one of the best spurts of prose we've ever released. Don't let this pocket-sized chap fool you - its got a bark and a bite that'll stick to you just behind your eyeballs. You'll still see the words long after you've finished reading much like those green spots you see after leering at the sun.

Proof: "The following question, following the previous question or possible response from the possible mother, may have been a statement also. The possible boy may have told the possible mother what he had asked the possible father. The question may have regarded a book. The boy may have asked the father to read a book to him, if books were things in houses with porches. The book in question, in this question, may have had something to do with the holiday in question, the holiday in the previous question." - fr. "And What Is Left..."

4" x 6" Chapbook with ephemera endpapers and either heavy hand-ripped arches paper or deep yellow metallic cover. Book guts printed on high quality 24lb antique laid paper in an edition of 81. Each book is handmade and unique from the next.


by Michael Bernstein
Greying Ghost Press #36
$5.00 | ORDER

Fourteen poems posing as maps to the evening sky. Keep them in your back pocket for those strolls, those journeys, those nights spent atop a picnic table deep in the woods of whatever rural town. Nanostars engulfs the pocket of your denim jeans like steel on flint - the ultimate showcase of wonderment and patience.

4" x 5" foldout book with ephemera endpapers. Packaged in light green booklet envelope. Book guts printed on high quality 24lb antique laid paper in an edition of 81. Each book is handmade and unique from the next.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

2011/12 Lineup!

Without further ado, we announce the lineup for the 2011/12 season! These books will be released starting in the summer of 2011 and ending early the spring of 2012. They are:

    Jon Cone - "Least"
    Weston Cutter - "Plus or Minus"
    Tyler Dorholt - "The Point or What I Cannot Recall"
    Rick Hale - "Pistachio & Iris"
    Tony Mancus - "Bye Land"
    Trey Moody - "Once Was A Weather"
    Nate Pritts - "Sky Poems"
    Jennifer Pilch - "Profil Perdu"
    Joseph Riippi - "Treesisters"
    Josh Russell - "Pretend You'll Do It Again"

There's some new blood and some old blood and a great mix of poetry and prose.
It'll be an honor having them in the ranks!

Monday, January 03, 2011

Quick Stock Update

quick stock update:

We have 1 copy left of:
Office Work by Jackie Clark
Nine Live Two-Headed Animals by Eric Amling

We have 3 copies left of:
Folded Into Your Midwestern Thunderstorm by Kristen Orser