Wednesday, December 29, 2010

update #12282010

Hope everyone is having a blast this December. We sure as hell are. Things are starting to ramp up. The bills are all paid. The palms have been greased with chapbooks and pamphlets. Minds have been severed and reattached to look like some sort of new wave ponytail. Oh wait, that the dream I had last night. Or the ending to the Tron remake. I can't quite remember. So let us begin.

First, just to vent for a second, why don't we get NFL games on Saturday anymore? They don't want to compete with competitive skiing? COPS? TMZ's weekly recap? What gives? I just want one game. It can even be the Lions! How about one less bowl game and one more NFL game. Or maybe just replay a game. Remember those yearly team movies? "For native Clevelanders the journey of the 2002 Browns squad began with a tepid fervor over recent #1 draft pick..." I used to watch those. A lot. Usually in lieu of doing homework.

Now, lets get down to the nitty gritty. Books are moving. We have sold all of our copies of Sam Starkweather's Self Help Poems and are down to a handful of copies of Jackie Clark's Office Work and two handfuls of Joshua Harmon's The Poughkeepsiad.

With all these orders the last few weeks we unfortunately fell a bit behind in getting packages mailed out. But luckily we've gotten back on track. 95% of the orders are in the mail. Just a few remain. Mostly overseas orders. Tony Mancus, we are mailing out your order asap. Our apologies.

In the next couple of weeks we'll be dropping the results of our cabin fever. We'll have Kathleen Rooney's After Robinson Has Gone chapbook as well as a couple of quick jewels: Michael Bernstein's Nanostars and Andrew Borgstrom's Left, As Much As The Hands Will Hold, & A View of The Porch. All three are about to pop out in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

We'll also have a couple of new pamphlets for you. First we have J.A. Tyler's The Furniture is a Couch and a Daughter Called Red Wing and a pamphlet of hefty poetic writs by J. Michael Wahlgren. Two Greying Ghost alums for whom, we'd walk over burning coals to showcase their inventions. Of course, the pamphlets are free and ship with every chapbook order! Check em out:

New favorite expression: "Well, that's nothing to shake a stick at!"
Who shakes sticks at things? Especially when they like something?

I just spent 20mins googling that phrase and came away satisfactorily befuddled.

Hey you DC kids, we'll be taking part in this marathon of awesomeness: Barrelhouse's Table-X party! Don't worry, it won't be x-rated. We aren't invited to too many parties. I hope we bring enough egg salad for everyone. I'll also have my finest flannel shirt dry cleaned. Greying Ghost readers to be determined. Inquire within.

Our itunes riser of the week: "Headed For the Texas Border" by those lovable 70's skamps the Flamin' Groovies

Finally, we're slowly responding to everyone's manuscript submissions. The process is taking some time but we're giving everyone's MS a fair evaluative response. Just trying to say a sentence or two. What we liked and didn't like. I will say that the 2011-2012 season is looking to be immense.

As always you can stay up to date with our shenanigans by joining us on facebook. And you can always check out our books and pamphlets and gifts at Greying Ghost Dot Com.



tmancus said...

Thanks for the update! Am looking forward to it as most everything I've ordered from the Ghost. Look forward to crossing paths in AWPland.

tmancus said...

dammit...switchup on the accounts erased my comment. just saying thanks for the update and hope to run across you in the DC during february...