Monday, November 01, 2010

Kelsey Grammer Was A Closet Typographer, or, Help Us Restore Our Kelsey Letterpress!

This is our letterpress. It is a Kelsey 6x10. My wife found this in the basement of a friend's apartment building. There was an exchange of money and some alcohol to sweeten the deal. Over the last several months i've been fixing it up here and there when time permitted. There's still a bit of rust and some missing parts. I've lied next to it on the floor staring at it and seeing what goes where and how. Seeing how it moves. Sort of like a pervert in the dark corner, but not really. But here's the thing: I want this bad boy to really, really work. The way we see it, we'll need new rollers, a new platen, possibly a new ink disc (if I can fix the deeply rusted parts, some paint, and a few minor pieces here and there. Luckily, the core of it is in really good condition. Its going to take some time and yes, quite a bit of money to fully restore this Kelsey X. Here's where you come in. Or hopefully will come in. If you're knocking. Which I hope you are. Or if not knocking, buzzing. Or ringing. Perhaps, showing signs of intrigue from afar. Whatever applies in these modern ages.

To get this up and running, we'll need new parts which in turn will require cash. To do this, we've lowered the price on a bunch of Greying Ghost books. Roughly half the catalog has lowered by a dollar or two. There are some sweet deals. Lots of great books for a great price and a great cause! Plus with each order you'll get some free pamphlets by some writers we greatly admire, as well as our terrific assortment of ephemera!

visit us at Greying Ghost Press!


In other news, after a wacky halloween weekend we are back at it this week with the release of Jackie Clark's "Office Work" and a couple new pamphlets which will blow your feet through your socks, your legs through your pants, and your upper torso, well,your upper torso will stay as is but, man, your and legs and feet will take a beating, in a good way. Your mind might be blown, too. And maybe your eyeballs. Your heart, maybe, as well. Lungs should be just dandy. But really, you'll just want to be sitting down when you read this stuff. It is all that good. And more.

So help us in our quest to restore our letterpress, build books, and sell books!

All the best,

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