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update #112510

quick news:

only three weeks (or so) left to submit your Ms to Greying Ghost Press. this is your opportunity to wow the pants off of us. seriously. make it rain. | info

don't forget we're also looking for comics and illustrations. | info

we're nearly sold out of Sam Starkweather's Self Help Poems. less than a handful left. like maybe a handful if you're a Simpsons' character. or a war vet. or grizzly shop-ed teacher. either way you slice it or hack it, we're about to sell out. and trust me, this book is 2 LEGIT. 2 LEGIT 2 QUIT.

also in the next couple of weeks we'll be unrolling Josh Harmon's and Kathleen Rooney's chapbooks. so save up your deuces, wampum, and bones.


the organ sound in this song is incredible. like a precursor to Suicide's Martin Rev if Martin Rev did wedding receptions. and when did jason schwartzman join this band?

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

UPDATE #110910

Its been a busy few days here. We've fallen a bit behind schedule but luckily we put our collective weight on the gas pedal and here we go. First off, the big news is that we have a new book out. Office Work by Jackie Clark. "As much a cursory look within as it is an examination of the simplest surroundings throughout. You'll need to read this come monday, come friday, come hell or high water." In other words, its damn excellent collection of twenty-one writings, stylings, and meditations. Books are printed on high quality linen paper on ultra heavy green pilke paper and hand made collage covers. Each cover is different. And! If you take a photo of yourself reading Office Work at work and post it to our facebook wall, you just might will win some free stuff. Judges will determine winner by using the very complex Awesome Algorithm. I'd explain the algorithm if I had a PhD in physics. Or even a Dr. Pepper. Basically, make yours 1,000x better than mine. Shades optional.

Summation: Jackie Clark's Office Work is now for sale. Its an incredible collection. We're excited. You're excited. Lets all celebrate.


Secondly, we have two new pamphlets that are just sitting here waiting to be stuffed into envelopes along any one of their purchased siblings and mailed out to various points along the globe. The first is You Are On Fired, a poem by Brian Foley. A poem so good, if it were a 7" there'd be no side B just two dynamite side A's and you'd keep flipping it for eternity. The second pamphlets is The Sound by Tyler Dorholt. TD sent us some stuff for Corduroy Mtn #3 and pretty much everything he sent made our teeth chatter and our hair stand on end. considering we here are modified IBM Tandy 1000 computers this us really saying something. Both pamphlets are free with purchase of any Greying Ghost chapbook!


Third, starting next year we'll be publishing stuff besides chapbooks. First we'll be throwing our hat in the black and white comics ring. We're accepting submissions as well as asking folks we know and respect. Our goal is to combine the craftsmanship of our chapbooks with our love for early morning xerox fumes. More info here. We'll also be releasing a series called "CIRCLES /// HOLES" which will be small booklets of collage/ephemera stuff by the same art hack who does all the Greying Ghost covers. These booklets will be limited in size, but extremely tall in power, wide of vision, and narrow of purpose. Why does that dude love circles so damn much?


Fourth, we're still working on podcasts. it is down near the bottom of our to-do list, so bear with us. Or bare with us.


Over the next couple of weeks J. Harmon's and K. Rooney's chapbooks hit the printer. The excitement level continues to grow. Thanks again to everyone who has ever bought our books our picked up our pamphlets. Thanks to the authors for letting us work such gifted talent. No, i'm not crying. It's just been raining on my my face.

back to work:::

Monday, November 01, 2010

Kelsey Grammer Was A Closet Typographer, or, Help Us Restore Our Kelsey Letterpress!

This is our letterpress. It is a Kelsey 6x10. My wife found this in the basement of a friend's apartment building. There was an exchange of money and some alcohol to sweeten the deal. Over the last several months i've been fixing it up here and there when time permitted. There's still a bit of rust and some missing parts. I've lied next to it on the floor staring at it and seeing what goes where and how. Seeing how it moves. Sort of like a pervert in the dark corner, but not really. But here's the thing: I want this bad boy to really, really work. The way we see it, we'll need new rollers, a new platen, possibly a new ink disc (if I can fix the deeply rusted parts, some paint, and a few minor pieces here and there. Luckily, the core of it is in really good condition. Its going to take some time and yes, quite a bit of money to fully restore this Kelsey X. Here's where you come in. Or hopefully will come in. If you're knocking. Which I hope you are. Or if not knocking, buzzing. Or ringing. Perhaps, showing signs of intrigue from afar. Whatever applies in these modern ages.

To get this up and running, we'll need new parts which in turn will require cash. To do this, we've lowered the price on a bunch of Greying Ghost books. Roughly half the catalog has lowered by a dollar or two. There are some sweet deals. Lots of great books for a great price and a great cause! Plus with each order you'll get some free pamphlets by some writers we greatly admire, as well as our terrific assortment of ephemera!

visit us at Greying Ghost Press!


In other news, after a wacky halloween weekend we are back at it this week with the release of Jackie Clark's "Office Work" and a couple new pamphlets which will blow your feet through your socks, your legs through your pants, and your upper torso, well,your upper torso will stay as is but, man, your and legs and feet will take a beating, in a good way. Your mind might be blown, too. And maybe your eyeballs. Your heart, maybe, as well. Lungs should be just dandy. But really, you'll just want to be sitting down when you read this stuff. It is all that good. And more.

So help us in our quest to restore our letterpress, build books, and sell books!

All the best,