Monday, October 25, 2010

Corduroy Mtn. #3 Lineup Announced!

We are proud to announce the lineup for The Corduroy Mtn. #3!
It was a tough job trying to axe it down to a stump but we endured.
Thanks to all who sent their work and to all who continue to support.

W/o further ado:

Adam Atkinson
Caren Beilin
Lisa Ciccarello
Tyler Dorholt
Megan M. Garr
Nicholas Gulig
Judson Hamilton
Kyle Holter
MC Hyland
Friedrich Kerksieck
Robert Kloss
Mark Lamoureux
Rob MacDonald
Tony Mancus
Gregory Sherl
Paige Taggart


The Third Print will be a a boxed series of pamphlets. More info in the coming weeks. We're shooting for a release on New Year's day. Join us on facebook to remain abreast of news, receive recipes, fantasy league tips, videos of robots giving birth, and behind the scenes bloopers.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Pamphlet: "Girls In Trees" by Neila Mezynski!
FREE with the purchase of any Greying Ghost chapbook!

In other pamphlet news, we are out of Nate Pritts' Three Poems.
They are only available upon request. email us and we'll get one to you. This goes for any of our pamphlets once their initial print run is out.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Sam Starkweather's Self Help Poems are flying off into the various corners of the earth. Two have been sent to the Czech Republic (two different orders) and one to Tokyo! They are selling quick so if you want one, you better get act fast. Like really fast. Like Flash Gordon on meth fast. Does meth make you fast? I have to be honest, my googling of meth was a bit amateurish. The ten minutes spent googling meth almost made my head explode like that guy from the movie Scanners.

Next in the queue is Jackie Clark's Office Work which will be SICK. And I hate using sick as a positive adjective so that just shows you how excited I am to work on this and get onto shelves and into hands. 122# dark green covers with some collage/text covers. These will be the sickest covers to date. The sickest! But not as sick as Jackie's writing. You should google Jackie Clark. Maybe kick it boolean-style and throw in the word "brilliant"...

Season 6 of The Office on Netflix Instant watch. So far, it seems really forced like all the actors are sick of doing the show. Can anyone else recommend any other great tv shows to watch? Keep in mind I don't have cable.