Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yeah? Oh Yeah! Greying Ghost is extremely proud to announce the release of Self Help Poems by Sampson Starkweather! This past weekend we unveiled it at the Small Press Festival in Pittsburgh and judging by people's reaction, this one's going to go quick. "You don't so much as read Self Help Poems as much as you absorb it. Each of Starkweather's stringent and cleverly witty inventions seeps in through the window like the smell of freshly cut grass. You'll either die laughing in the light of their simplistic charm or wallop a stranger in its shadows. In a book that tries to find the opposite of midway, there are no compromises." Info | Order $6.50

You wanna touch this.

Also, again, thanks to all in the steel city for attending the festival and thanks to the other vendors for showing off their incredible wares and thanks to the Open Thread gang for putting it all together. Just an awesome weekend all around.

Jon Cone's and Michael Bible's books are sold out.

We've started production on books by Jackie Clark and Joshua Harmon. They'll be dropping in soon.

New package ephemera is being cultivated and curated and chopped up and sent out. New pamphlets. New comics. New everything. Things are going well. Books are getting into folks' hands. Hot damn!

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