Thursday, September 02, 2010

Things are being to ramp up again in the Greying Ghost office! We've recently snipped the shackles off the ankles of J. Michael Wahlgren's Credo. Next week we'll start snapping the neck chains of Sam Starkweather's Self Help Poems. The there'll be books by Jackie Clark, Joshua Harmon, & Sasha "Sass Philly" Fletcher. We don't really call him Sass Philly.

In couple of weeks we'll be loading up the hatchback with our books and goods and hitting the highway to Pittsburgh for the 2nd annual Small Print Festival! | INFO | We'll have the tunes locked and loaded. Classic rock stations programmed. A backseat area filled with gleaming chapbooks. Corduroy Mtn pillows! Pamphlets. I.E. The GOODS. Underline that! Pittsburgh is like a second home to us and it'll be good to see some old chums and poke our heads into different readings and eat all our meals at Primanti Bros. Maybe see the Steelers. Check out Jerry's. It'll be a grand ol' time. September 25th & 26th. 12-5 pm.

Some stock updates: We're down to our last batch of Corduroy Mtn. #2's which means they're only for sale individually. Previously, we gave them away for free when someone bought two other GG books, but sadly, or happily, this has ended. These probably won't last until October so hop on that saddle, bucko. Also, don't forget we're reading submissions for our third issue until October 1st! | INFO |

We're also almost sold out of a lot of our old back catalog too. In a few cases we have 2 or 3 left. A few others will be gone by the end of the month. So head on over to Greying Ghost and make your purchases asap! Or check in with our Facebook account and shoot the shit with us! Ask us about our collection of Cosby Show DVDs or recipes involving kielbasa. do it.

do it.

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