Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Summer That Was The Beginning of Autumn

here's what we've released this summer:

Our Us & We by J.A. Tyler
Sugar Means Yes by Julia Cohen & Mathias Svalina
Nine Live Two-Headed Animals by Eric Amling
Second Print by The Corduroy Mtn.
Credo by J.Michael Wahlgren

plus pamphlets by Gregory Sherl, Nate Pritts, and Joseph Riippi.


Over the course of the fall and winter we'll be putting out:

Sampson Starkweather - Self Help Poems
Jackie Clark - Office Work
Joshua Harmon - The Poughkeepsiad
Michael Bernstein - Nanostars
Sasha Fletcher - I Ain't Asked Any Pardon
Kathleen Rooney - After Robinson Has Gone
Jac Jemc - The Stranger She'd Invited In
Garth Graeper - By Deer Light
Travis Brown - In Lieu Of Hartshorn
Jordan Davis - Pod
Andrew Borgstrom - And What Is Left...
Paige Taggart - Polaroid Parade

Whew x2!

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