Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just a quick reminder that next week we're on the road to Pittsburgh for The Small Press Festival! The taxi will be tough on the spine. Beats the bus now, brother... I digress. This means that if there's something you got your eye on, you should order it pronto, which is latin for right now. We'll have all orders out by the weekend. And since a lot of our older titles are down to just a handful of copies, they might not make it back from the midwest.

The festival should be a hoot. We'll have our entire catalog (minus the sold out titles of course) on display as well as tote bags, Corduroy Mtn. pillows, free pamphlets and buttons, and a few of our ephemera packages which we'll give out to the first few people who stop by on both days! Also, for those of you who don't want to pay in cash, bring your laptops or iphones and pay with paypal! No waiting for the mail!

Also at the festival, we'll be unveiling Sam Starkweather's Self Help Poems and new pamphlets by Judson Hamilton and yours truly. Come and get em before the internet folks! Or just stop by and say hello. Saturday and Sunday (25th & 26th) 12-5pm.

When we get back we'll have books by Jackie Clark and Michael Bernstein going into production!

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