Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yeah? Oh Yeah! Greying Ghost is extremely proud to announce the release of Self Help Poems by Sampson Starkweather! This past weekend we unveiled it at the Small Press Festival in Pittsburgh and judging by people's reaction, this one's going to go quick. "You don't so much as read Self Help Poems as much as you absorb it. Each of Starkweather's stringent and cleverly witty inventions seeps in through the window like the smell of freshly cut grass. You'll either die laughing in the light of their simplistic charm or wallop a stranger in its shadows. In a book that tries to find the opposite of midway, there are no compromises." Info | Order $6.50

You wanna touch this.

Also, again, thanks to all in the steel city for attending the festival and thanks to the other vendors for showing off their incredible wares and thanks to the Open Thread gang for putting it all together. Just an awesome weekend all around.

Jon Cone's and Michael Bible's books are sold out.

We've started production on books by Jackie Clark and Joshua Harmon. They'll be dropping in soon.

New package ephemera is being cultivated and curated and chopped up and sent out. New pamphlets. New comics. New everything. Things are going well. Books are getting into folks' hands. Hot damn!

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Tickets found in thrift store also in Wheeling. They were good for 30 crossings with "pleasure automobile or motorcycle" on Aetnaville or Bridgeport (OH) bridges. Issues by the State Roads Commission of West Virginia. No date given.

advertisement found in a Wheeling,WV junk store.

From the company wiki: "The chain was founded in 1906 in the Pittsburgh suburb of McKeesport, Pennsylvania, by George Clinton Murphy. Murphy had gotten his start in retail as a manager of a McCrory's store in 1896. Murphy later moved to Detroit, Michigan, to manage several stores there, and then returned to the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area to launch his own stores. His namesake chain was founded in 1906. It was one of several large retailers to originate in Pennsylvania."

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Just picked this LP up for $4.00 at the Record Exchange! Billed as "motorcycle surf music" which basically boils down to twangy surf guitar, steady drums, and a whole lot of motorcycle engine revving. Pretty bad ass. Mostly smoked up dirt bikes but there's an occasional hog. All music done by The Hornets. Not to be confused with Gary & The Hornets or the RnB Hornets. Nor the New Orleans Hornets of the NBA. Or even Miss Hornee from Wayne's World 2, Verdict: excellent buy.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just a quick reminder that next week we're on the road to Pittsburgh for The Small Press Festival! The taxi will be tough on the spine. Beats the bus now, brother... I digress. This means that if there's something you got your eye on, you should order it pronto, which is latin for right now. We'll have all orders out by the weekend. And since a lot of our older titles are down to just a handful of copies, they might not make it back from the midwest.

The festival should be a hoot. We'll have our entire catalog (minus the sold out titles of course) on display as well as tote bags, Corduroy Mtn. pillows, free pamphlets and buttons, and a few of our ephemera packages which we'll give out to the first few people who stop by on both days! Also, for those of you who don't want to pay in cash, bring your laptops or iphones and pay with paypal! No waiting for the mail!

Also at the festival, we'll be unveiling Sam Starkweather's Self Help Poems and new pamphlets by Judson Hamilton and yours truly. Come and get em before the internet folks! Or just stop by and say hello. Saturday and Sunday (25th & 26th) 12-5pm.

When we get back we'll have books by Jackie Clark and Michael Bernstein going into production!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Summer That Was The Beginning of Autumn

here's what we've released this summer:

Our Us & We by J.A. Tyler
Sugar Means Yes by Julia Cohen & Mathias Svalina
Nine Live Two-Headed Animals by Eric Amling
Second Print by The Corduroy Mtn.
Credo by J.Michael Wahlgren

plus pamphlets by Gregory Sherl, Nate Pritts, and Joseph Riippi.


Over the course of the fall and winter we'll be putting out:

Sampson Starkweather - Self Help Poems
Jackie Clark - Office Work
Joshua Harmon - The Poughkeepsiad
Michael Bernstein - Nanostars
Sasha Fletcher - I Ain't Asked Any Pardon
Kathleen Rooney - After Robinson Has Gone
Jac Jemc - The Stranger She'd Invited In
Garth Graeper - By Deer Light
Travis Brown - In Lieu Of Hartshorn
Jordan Davis - Pod
Andrew Borgstrom - And What Is Left...
Paige Taggart - Polaroid Parade

Whew x2!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

New pamphlet by Joseph Riippi. Its an excerpt from his new novel The Orange Suitcase coming in 2011 from Ampersand Books. Pamphlets are free with the purchase of any Greying Ghost Press chapbook!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Corduroy Mtn. Pillows by Aimee Thorne!
We'll have 'em for sale at the Pittsburgh Small Press Festival
along with a mtn. of chapbooks!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Things are being to ramp up again in the Greying Ghost office! We've recently snipped the shackles off the ankles of J. Michael Wahlgren's Credo. Next week we'll start snapping the neck chains of Sam Starkweather's Self Help Poems. The there'll be books by Jackie Clark, Joshua Harmon, & Sasha "Sass Philly" Fletcher. We don't really call him Sass Philly.

In couple of weeks we'll be loading up the hatchback with our books and goods and hitting the highway to Pittsburgh for the 2nd annual Small Print Festival! | INFO | We'll have the tunes locked and loaded. Classic rock stations programmed. A backseat area filled with gleaming chapbooks. Corduroy Mtn pillows! Pamphlets. I.E. The GOODS. Underline that! Pittsburgh is like a second home to us and it'll be good to see some old chums and poke our heads into different readings and eat all our meals at Primanti Bros. Maybe see the Steelers. Check out Jerry's. It'll be a grand ol' time. September 25th & 26th. 12-5 pm.

Some stock updates: We're down to our last batch of Corduroy Mtn. #2's which means they're only for sale individually. Previously, we gave them away for free when someone bought two other GG books, but sadly, or happily, this has ended. These probably won't last until October so hop on that saddle, bucko. Also, don't forget we're reading submissions for our third issue until October 1st! | INFO |

We're also almost sold out of a lot of our old back catalog too. In a few cases we have 2 or 3 left. A few others will be gone by the end of the month. So head on over to Greying Ghost and make your purchases asap! Or check in with our Facebook account and shoot the shit with us! Ask us about our collection of Cosby Show DVDs or recipes involving kielbasa. do it.

do it.