Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Up Date

Did everybody have a fantastic 4th? We sure as shit did! Grilled steaks. Outdoor dinner. A few beers. Hanging out with the landlord's and their pups. Fireworks. Making books. Especially Making books.

This summer we've been busy. We'd fallen behind schedule with the move and all. So this summer's been a non-stop joyride through a ton of books. Eric Amling's Nine Live Two-Headed Animals is still hot from the printer's poker. Before that was Sugar Means Yes by Mathias Svalina and Julia Cohen, Our Us & We by J.A. Tyler. Right now we're putting Corduroy Mtn #2 together. The cover is legit. Pages are spitting out of the laserbeast. Next in line will be Credo by Sir J.M. Wahlgren and later books by Sam Starkweather, Jackie Clark, and a quick reprint of Peter Berghoef's News Of The Haircut!

Have you perused our back catalog recently? In the interest of making room for the new books we've lowered the prices on a few older releases. Also, the new Corduroy Mtn will be free for anyone who buys two other Greying Ghost titles! Can I get a hells yes?

What else? Oh. We are also completely out of the Jon Cone "Cullings" pamphlets. The Lydia Copeland pamphlet is likewise running very low. Mostly due to all the folks who've bought books from us the last few months. For those who've rocked our books, we salute you. For those about to, we also salute you. Your support is crucial. Like Crucial Taunt to Wayne Campbell. Or like Garth Algar and red licorice. One of those applies.

Here's a quick list of books that are really close to selling out:

    Naturalistless | 8 left in stock
    Hank Williams | 6 left in stock
    Walden Book | 9 left in stock
    Plesyre Barge | 6 left in stock
    Gorilla Math | 8 left in stock
    No Rainbow | 10 left in stock
    Stands As Mediation | 2 left in stock
    When I Moved To Nevada | 9 left

Lets find these books a home! All orders come with our unique blend of assorted ephemera and a bunch of free pamphlets. The latest one being three poems by Gregory Sherl who's Mud Luscious book I am awaiting patiently. Much like I did for Sasha Fletcher's MLP book. Hot damn. So much be excited for!


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aimee said...

In case you are wondering...yes, that is an LP copy of Artists against Apartheid's Sun City that we were using to fan our BBQ fire.