Friday, July 23, 2010

Pamphlet #6 by Nate Pritts, + More!

In Greying Ghost pamphlet news, Jon Cone's The Cullings and Lydia Copeland's In My Room have all gone out with orders. There are no more left because all of you wonderful folks have lent your support and picked up a bunch of books from us so far this summer! Here's to you! And if you like our pamphlets, or have yet to hold one in your hands, we still have copies of Gregory Sherl's 3 poem pamphlet (to get you (any myself) stoked for his his MLP books!) and... AND!...we have a new one to offer. We have a beautiful 3 poem pamphlet by the terrific Dr. Nate Pritts! They are folded into a triptych with a blue stamped image on the front. These bad boys are free with the purchase of ANY Greying Ghost title! And if you check out our catalog, we have some pretty incredible books at reasonable prices. Any where from $3.00 to $7.00.

Also, the new issue of The Corduroy Mtn. is selling like the hottest of hotcakes. The Mtn. is $7.00 or free with the purchase of two other Greying Ghost books. So theoretically, for under $10.00, you could get two Greying Ghost chapbooks, The Corduroy Mtn., a free Nate Pritts pamphlet, and a bunch of extra ephemera items!
Pardon my French, that's quite a god damned bargain!

Speaking of ephemera, we've added a bunch of new items to the lot! Cleaned out the cubby hole and brought home old stuff i've found in used books at work. Lots of old photos and postcards and comics and even some pages from a 50's dude magazine about headshrinking orgies. Yup. I am giving that away. That's the kind of guy I am. That's how I roll for my clientele.

Up next in the office, we are working on a podcast where we play some of our favorite songs. Some weeks will have a theme others will just be a mishmash. When I can find a decent mic i'll chat with some folks. The name of the podcast is called "35 Minutes Of...." The first podcast will be either be 35 minutes of early Sonic Youth (up to and including Daydream Nation era) or 35 minutes of cover tunes (by the likes of Flaming Lips, Butthole Surfers, etc). Will try and get that up tomorrow night.

In book news, We're taking a bit of a break to catch out breath and then we hit it hard again with J Wahlgren's Credo and Self Help Poems by Sampson Starkweather in August.


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