Sunday, June 06, 2010

Odds n Ends n Tidbits

- only one copy left of Sommer Browning & Brandon Shimoda's THE BOWLING. both are great beings and you can the third wheel in this great being date. no chaperones allowed! only one left! its cheaper than downloading a Fugazi record on itunes!

- this is also your last opportunity to pick up our free (w/ purchase of any GG book) Jon Cone pamphlet entitled "The Cullings". its been sent worldwide! we have copies of The Plesyre Barge too but not too many. did you check out the review in Emprise? Then you know those bad boys from Iowa won't last for long. Start husking some corn, earn some scratch.

- Mathias' and Julia's Sugar Means Yes comes back from the printer on monday! covers all day tuesday! marathon style. i'll even wear my short-shorts. the denim ones. so short the pockets are visible. hot. photos soon. of the books not my shorts.

- JA Tyler's Our Us & We is flying off the shelf, too! its our niftiest looking book yet! Speaking of J.A. (stands for Just Awesome) we got our MLP Stamp Stories in the mail (also thanks to Andrew B.). they will be included with all orders as well!

- and speaking of stuff included with orders (i am king of segues, or are those those dumbass two-wheel scooters that the local mall fuzz rides around on?) i just cleaned out the cabinets and i'm proud to say that we have a whole new array of inserts just waiting to be sent off with books! more comics! old sci-fi magazines. photos, game cards, game pieces, maps, turn of the century letters, match books, etc. just a huge array of stuff. plus our pamphlets, and the stamp stories. our packages are throbbing.

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