Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Newer! Sugar Means Yes!

Sugar Means Yes
by Julia Cohen & Mathias Svalina

Greying Ghost Press
Chapbook #29

"Lord, how do I do this book justice? I could sling together a few clever word-plays or refer to it as "killer" or a "game-changer" or if I were truly clever enough, a "killer game-changer." But I won't. Simply put, Julia and Mathias are sipping gin on the top of K2 while the rest of us are still at the base huffin' and puffin' the hell out of our lungs. We don't even have our gear on yet! In any event, Sugar Means Yes is the official dossier on what to do when figments of your imagination turn real, very real, so real they rise from the dead, over and over, to haunt your body back to bed.

5x7 chapbook printed on high quality paper with blue, ivory, and red covers, pitch black end-papers, and hand-stamped covers.Printed in an edition of 150.

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visit GreyingGhost.com for more info on this book as well as a few other of our recent additions by the likes of J.A. Tyler, B.J. Love, Jack Boettcher, Jon Cone, Dan Boehl, Kristen Orser and many others! Also, don't forget that your book order comes with all sorts of treasures such as pamphlets and random ephemera.

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