Monday, June 28, 2010

Only Ten of "Hank Williams" Left!

We only have 10 (ten) copies left of Peter Berghoef's Hank Williams pamphlet!

"What does Hank represent? Beats me. Seems more like a drunken retelling of a lost weekend, composed over a honky tonk piano, written by Cormac Mccarthy's Llewelyn Moss. Somewhere in this poem is a pick-up chase and a case of spilled beer over by a pond-side campfire. This is why I love Berghoef's writing."

Only $2.00! That cheaper than an ATM fee!

Get em H E R E

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Eric Amling's Nine Live Two-Headed Animals.
coming soon.


classic jam. everytime i hear this ditty i smell the old records my pop used to have.
also, how many dudes were in that band?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Corduroy Mtn. #2 is so very soon. My apologies to everyone involved for the shitty delay. But it's almost ready to burst from the belly. or from the ground. or from the skies. From someplace, it'll burst.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pamphlet #5 - Gregory Sherl 3 Poems

New pamphlet of three unpublished poems by Gregory Sherl is now available for free with ANY purchase of a Greying Ghost book!

This pamphlet is like the appetizer before his entree novel(la) next year w/ Mud Luscious!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Greying Ghost One Week Summer Sale!

Don't let the first heat wave bum you out!
Greying Ghost has put together a sale!
Its called Summer Bummer Book Sale, The
5 (five) books for $15 bucks if you live in the US or Canada!
5 (five) books for $20 bucks if you live elsewhere!

Sale ends June 22nd! One week only!

click here! for the details.

Coming soon from Greying Ghost!!1

Newer! Sugar Means Yes!

Sugar Means Yes
by Julia Cohen & Mathias Svalina

Greying Ghost Press
Chapbook #29

"Lord, how do I do this book justice? I could sling together a few clever word-plays or refer to it as "killer" or a "game-changer" or if I were truly clever enough, a "killer game-changer." But I won't. Simply put, Julia and Mathias are sipping gin on the top of K2 while the rest of us are still at the base huffin' and puffin' the hell out of our lungs. We don't even have our gear on yet! In any event, Sugar Means Yes is the official dossier on what to do when figments of your imagination turn real, very real, so real they rise from the dead, over and over, to haunt your body back to bed.

5x7 chapbook printed on high quality paper with blue, ivory, and red covers, pitch black end-papers, and hand-stamped covers.Printed in an edition of 150.

Free shipping in USA & Canada. For folks overseas, and for folks who prefer not to use paypal, click here to add shipping costs or view other payment options.

visit for more info on this book as well as a few other of our recent additions by the likes of J.A. Tyler, B.J. Love, Jack Boettcher, Jon Cone, Dan Boehl, Kristen Orser and many others! Also, don't forget that your book order comes with all sorts of treasures such as pamphlets and random ephemera.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Odds n Ends n Tidbits

- only one copy left of Sommer Browning & Brandon Shimoda's THE BOWLING. both are great beings and you can the third wheel in this great being date. no chaperones allowed! only one left! its cheaper than downloading a Fugazi record on itunes!

- this is also your last opportunity to pick up our free (w/ purchase of any GG book) Jon Cone pamphlet entitled "The Cullings". its been sent worldwide! we have copies of The Plesyre Barge too but not too many. did you check out the review in Emprise? Then you know those bad boys from Iowa won't last for long. Start husking some corn, earn some scratch.

- Mathias' and Julia's Sugar Means Yes comes back from the printer on monday! covers all day tuesday! marathon style. i'll even wear my short-shorts. the denim ones. so short the pockets are visible. hot. photos soon. of the books not my shorts.

- JA Tyler's Our Us & We is flying off the shelf, too! its our niftiest looking book yet! Speaking of J.A. (stands for Just Awesome) we got our MLP Stamp Stories in the mail (also thanks to Andrew B.). they will be included with all orders as well!

- and speaking of stuff included with orders (i am king of segues, or are those those dumbass two-wheel scooters that the local mall fuzz rides around on?) i just cleaned out the cabinets and i'm proud to say that we have a whole new array of inserts just waiting to be sent off with books! more comics! old sci-fi magazines. photos, game cards, game pieces, maps, turn of the century letters, match books, etc. just a huge array of stuff. plus our pamphlets, and the stamp stories. our packages are throbbing.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

mlp stamp stories!

when you order a book from us, not only do you get these free pamphlets:

    The Cullings by Jon Cone
    In My Room by Lydia Copeland
    Wells! by Carl Annarummo

and random ephemera inserts, but now you will also get a free stamp story by either:

    Norman Lock
    James Chapman


Greying Ghost Press