Wednesday, May 05, 2010

the lifted baked pretzel embargo

it seems weird to be back in the small town of Salem after being in Manhattan but i am here nonetheless in all its weirdness. the chapbook festival was a terrific experience and overall, one hell of a success. it was great to meet everybody and put names to faces, faces to names. it was great and inspiring to see the fruits of everyone's hard work. there are some really amazing presses out there who are doing really amazing things. definitely kicked me in the ass to raise my own game.

mostly though, it was great to talk shop with everyone. people were friendly. i'd saved up a pocket full of green and boy did i ever throw it at folks. came home with two handfuls of train reading. can't wait until the next one.

the next one being the small press festival in pittsburgh in september. then maybe AWP in DC. god damn. this rules.

in book news, the cover paper arrived for the SVALINA/COHEN chap. it'll be burgandy. with a printed wrap. also working on J.A. TYLER'S "Our Us & We" chap and the second print issue of CORDUROY MTN will be hitting the printer shortly.

now, back to work.


sasha fletcher said...

you. me. smoke machines. let's do this thing to this thing.

peter b. said...

rad dude