Monday, April 26, 2010

TAN METALLIC: The April Update

this past week saw the latest Greying Ghost Press chapbook hit the streets. The Bowling by Sommer Browning & Brandon Shimoda damn near grew feet, punched us in our paunch and promptly took off. ladies and gentlemen, unlock your doors as its about to hit your town for certain.

"A raucous jimswinger stuffed with poems poking about the smoldering ruins of Americana. There's a governor waxing a bowl of wooden pears. Shot fish. A man, into the Grand Canyon shouts: nachos. Sudden couples laced with quick passion. With each poem the flames get higher - the end-all game coming down to the wire - and the heat smells a bit like stale recycled ale. The Bowling is about the great American Metaphor. Lanes. Gutter balls. Candle pins. Shoe sprayers. Scores. Take what you will."

5.5" x 8.5" Chapbook. Hand-stamped, graphite covers, with copper ink
Ephemera end paper. Printed in an edition of 120.
Click here for images of the cover.

$7.50 free shipping in USA/Canada.
everyone else, click here shipping cost.


in other news: we're gearing up for the chapbook festival may 3rd and 4th in Manhattan. nyc. i'm looking forward to being in the big city again. maybe watch a mets game and grab dinner at sbarros. huzzah! we'll be table #12! we'll have entire catalog for sale. we'll have lots of free stuff which you'll just have to come by to see. did i whet your appetite enough? also, we'll have wi-fi access so if you don't gots the cash, you can use your laptop or your iphone to order online and we'll give you the books there. no questions asked. we hope to see you there and maybe meet some of ya'll.


in GG book news: Sugar Means Yes by Mathias Svalina & Julia Cohen is about to hit the printer. it'll be epic, as the kids like to say. like the faith no more song or landing on the moon. you bet your sweet bun bunch the covers will be beautiful. like faith no more playing a show on the moon! more vocals in the monitors mr armstrong!

coming very very very soon, like in the next day or two will be B.J. Love's Michigander: a mesmerizing jaunt, a leering sashay through the restaurant called Prose. just an unbelievable piece of writing. was going to be a pamphlet but turned it into a chap. will come in three different colored covers: gray, dark brown, and tan metallic. i am just waiting for the ink to dry on the covers and they'll be up online. stay tuned.

corduroy mtn #2 is also nearing completion. more info on that as it becomes clearer. its like a beast in the fog. like out in northwest wyoming during the fall months. fog and no light. then blam. it rains writ material. everywhere. ark-worthy. dead serious.

i'm also about to print up a long poems i wrote called Wells! it'll be a free pamphlet that gets mailed with orders. just editing it down a bit. printing them on tuesday afternoon!

Jon Cone's pamphlet Cullings is still being shipped with orders while supplies last. If you don't know jon or haven't read him yet, this is a great way to introduce yourself. if you haven't read The Plesyre Barge you should and see what inspired me to write again. holy god. jon f'n cone.

it's sort of funny when i say that to someone face to face and they roll their eyes and say "yeah, of course you're going to say that, you're the publisher!" and to that i say yes, but i wouldn't publish this stuff if i wasn't an immense fan to begin with. of course i'm going to hype. its to get you more, or at least as excited as me. spreading the word. sure the money angle is a sharp and necessary one but, well, i just want people to read these books. sorry, i got distracted by the dallas mavericks choking again.

a new A-Team movie. righty-o. imdb that one kids. and laugh. laugh it all up. some dude named "rampage" is playing B.A. and for that, i pity the fool.

i think that's it. any questions or comments or suggestions, feel free to email me or leave a comment below. see you at the festival. -carl

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