Saturday, March 20, 2010

Update #03192010

right now i am watching "The Forbidding Zone" in COLOR.

all outstanding book orders will be mailed tomorrow morning, so keep a light on for your postal worker. or lock up the dogs. whatever you gotta do.

we are all out of sasha fletcher pamphlets. our next one will be Michigander by b.j. love. they'll be printed up and assembled this upcoming week! in the meantime, book orders placed this week will get a couple poems by your's truly. my name is carl. and i write poems as well.

my basketball bracket took a beating today. my south regional is taking a beating. shades of holmes vs cobb circa '82. ouch.

back to work ...

1 comment:

brennen said...

I will forever remember the commercial for Holmes vs. Cobb.

Cobb: Next time Larry Holmes sees me, he's gonna see this.

[Throws punch in the general direction of camera.]