Wednesday, March 17, 2010

update #03162010


Michael Bible's Gorilla Math and Troy Urquhart's Springtime Sea Bathing are our two latest releases! They are both frighteningly great and available for purchase on our newly designed website:

Jon Cone's Plesyre Barge will be available shortly. Just waiting for Jon to get his copies first then i'll put em up for sale.

Zach Schomburg's The Pond & Kathryn Regina's I Am In The Air Right Now are down to the last five copies.

Thomas Hummel's chapbook just sold out this week as well.

Most of our backstock is dwindling so lets get these titles sold out and into folk's hands & hearts!

these won't be re-printed (or at least not for a long while) as our schedule is picking up. So if you want something, grab it now.
if you don't like paypal you can contact us about other payment methods.

we like trades. Just saying.

Our insert supply is back to where it belongs. Book orders are packed to the gills. They are stuffed with odd/fun ephemera. Trust us, you'll love the whole package.

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