Saturday, February 20, 2010

update #0219210

the latest: Books by Michael Bible, Jon Cone, & Troy Urquhart are or currently will be in the process of being built. Michael's just needs ink on the covers and string in its spine. The other two come back from the printer early next week. This un-related triptych will be immense. Hold on to your hats.

Sasha Fletcher's pamphlet ""We Are All Of Us Up To Something" is going to have a second run which will lead up to B.J. Love's "Michaigander" in the early spring! Sasha's pamphlet is free with the purchase of any Greying Ghost book! That, frankly, smells like quite a deal. Or just franks.

We have a SCHEDULE of releases! Check it out, plan accordingly. We've been blessed to have such terrific and inspiring authors on board. Like a passing of a torch? Yes. A torch of insanely great writing.

I am publishing my own chapbook of poems. I have no bones about self-publishing. The funny part is that I kept sending the manuscript to myself and i'd read it and reject it. Then i made some revisions and again it got rejected. Then i sent myself a new collection and that one i picked up.

We'll have a newly designed website up before the spring festivities. Hopefully. Don't quote me on that but do quote me on the "Hopefully."

This will be our third year (!!!) of being a press. It's been a struggle at times but the amount of blood sweat and tears and time i've put into it has been completely worth it. Its been an honor working with each and every talented writer and the next year will only be better. What i lack in typographical skills i hope i make up for with sheer fanaticism.

made a whole shit-ton of inserts. Future packages will be s t u f f e d. To the gills.

there'll be a big GG book reading this summer so if you're in the new england area swing by. more info tba.

That's all i've got for now.


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