Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Judson Hamilton's NO RAINBOW now available!

No Rainbow
Judson Hamilton


"Don't reckon this as Darger-inspired literature or Dahl-hued imaginings. This is Judson Hamilton's No Rainbow, a uniquely intrepid tale about a group of youngsters who seek to expand themselves in a world that is slowly shrinking 'one word, one creature, one color at a time.'"


    Soft thunder rolled outside the window and across the lawn as Miss de Mo began to read from the book:

    This is the tale of a
    Princess who insisted that a boy must exchange his head for another

    The children instinctively tightened their loose circle at this rather foreboding introduction

    stealing glances as if daring one another to show fear

    Violet silently putting her hand in Robert's

    to the quickening accompaniment of his heart

    Martin despite his chubby countenance and bookish leanings

    sat at rapt attention

    as did Maud - (both of them savored storytime with Miss de Mo).

    Wendy and Wanda instinctively moved closer together

    exchanging glances and inspecting one another's expressions for

    imperceptible differences

5.5" x 8.5" Chapbook with hand-pressed, black-inked covers and gray end paper & printed in an edition of 99. Click here for images of the cover.

$6.50 free shipping in USA/Canada.
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