Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dan Boehl's Chapbook Now Available!

Les Miseres et les Mal-Heurs de la Guerre
Dan Boehl


"Dan Boehl's "Les Miseres..." isn't simply another retelling of the recalcitrant history of war - that's been done a thousand times. Instead, scenes of war are run through a cinema reel and played out on a canvas of seventeen poems. Told through every point of view, "Les Miseres..." is an intelligent and thought-provoking broomstick thrown into the spoke of a war debate."


    LA ROUE (The Helm)

    But behind the rich, almost cinematic
    certainties that history has given us
    about the war, concerning the people,
    the relationships, the materials, the
    time frame, the technology, lies an
    impenetrable area of shadow. No one
    has ever explained how a con-
    scientious public allowed this to happen,
    or why.

5.5" x 8.5" Chapbook with hand-pressed, blue-inked covers and decorative inlay paper & printed in an edition of 120. Click here for images of the cover.

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