Wednesday, December 30, 2009

update #12292009 / re: submissions

all Greying Ghost manuscripts have been read and sorted into piles. the next step is to match the Ms with the authors name and contact info. responses should start going out by the end of the week. in the interest of time, the rejections will be a semi-form letter. people have been waiting for responses for long while so i will try and get them out asap. in lieu of the form rejections, i will give folks who ask for one, a detailed explanation in a second email when time allows. people put in a lot of hard work. i owe them that.

i'd like to also thank everyone who submitted their work. much of it was really a joy to read. can't wait to see who wrote what and maybe meet some new players. again, everyone should have a response in 7-10 days. for all ya'll who sent stuff back in september, thank you for your patience.

psyched and ready to take GG to the next level!

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