Monday, December 21, 2009

update #12202009

I'm getting greedy! Lets get our fan # up to an even 500! Tell you friends to join! repost like crazy. Link to our website! We got a lot of awesome books about to drop and we really wanna get the word out! Plus, for our FB pals we're gonna be including pamphlets with orders that ONLY YOU, our FB pals can get!! NIIICE! Join by clicking the link to the right.

Dan Boehl's books is 3/4ths printed. covers will be semi-letterpressed!! navy blue and black inks. its done gone look sweet.

Kristen Orser's book just needs to have the covers stamped and stapled and they're done.

Shane's reprint is sniffin 'round the printer.

started a twitter as a way to laugh at my own jokes which sounds a bit conceited, i know. someone has to, right? its all tongue in cheek.

just found a bowling ashtray!

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