Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Last week for submissions!

this is the last week to submit your manuscripts to the Greying Ghost for possible publication in 2010. you can view our complete submission guidelines . here's a snippet:

we will be reading manuscripts from 9/1/2009 until 12/15/2010. after the first of the year, we will begin the process of choosing 8-10 complete manuscripts (20-25 pages) to be published sometime in 2010. we will also choose 3-5 shorter length manuscripts (10-15 pages) for our smaller pamphlet series. we would prefer to have all submissions be sent electronically via email as an attached .pdf file, but will make exceptions. send your writing to The Greying Ghost Email. all submissions will be read blindly, meaning that our "intern" will print up two copies, one with your name, and one without. we will only read the nameless MS. all paper will be enthusiastically recycled.

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