Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Comp Blues

We here at Greying Ghost are putting together a compilation CD of super lo-fi, raucous, foot-stomping, ass-quaking rock/roll. We like garage/psych rock. Esp stuff in the vein of the video below. So if you're in a band, or know someone in a band, or have some instruments lying around, record it, and send it to us.

spread the word! we'll make an official webpage soon to make it legit.

Join our Facebook things!

starting in a couple of weeks we'll be including special bonus materials in orders that only our facebook fans can get! they'll either be miniature chapbooks, pamphlets, and/or broadsides! so become a fan of Greying Ghost on facebook (see sidebar) or join our facebook group! niiiiiice.

update #12292009 / re: submissions

all Greying Ghost manuscripts have been read and sorted into piles. the next step is to match the Ms with the authors name and contact info. responses should start going out by the end of the week. in the interest of time, the rejections will be a semi-form letter. people have been waiting for responses for long while so i will try and get them out asap. in lieu of the form rejections, i will give folks who ask for one, a detailed explanation in a second email when time allows. people put in a lot of hard work. i owe them that.

i'd like to also thank everyone who submitted their work. much of it was really a joy to read. can't wait to see who wrote what and maybe meet some new players. again, everyone should have a response in 7-10 days. for all ya'll who sent stuff back in september, thank you for your patience.

psyched and ready to take GG to the next level!

Monday, December 21, 2009

update #12202009

I'm getting greedy! Lets get our fan # up to an even 500! Tell you friends to join! repost like crazy. Link to our website! We got a lot of awesome books about to drop and we really wanna get the word out! Plus, for our FB pals we're gonna be including pamphlets with orders that ONLY YOU, our FB pals can get!! NIIICE! Join by clicking the link to the right.

Dan Boehl's books is 3/4ths printed. covers will be semi-letterpressed!! navy blue and black inks. its done gone look sweet.

Kristen Orser's book just needs to have the covers stamped and stapled and they're done.

Shane's reprint is sniffin 'round the printer.

started a twitter as a way to laugh at my own jokes which sounds a bit conceited, i know. someone has to, right? its all tongue in cheek.

just found a bowling ashtray!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Andrew Terhune's Chapbook is Now Available!

Helen Mirren Picks Out My Clothes
Andrew Terhune


"Spit will dribble from your chin laughter. Then a memory of a deceased loved one will drip from the corner of your eye. What will happen you read Helen Mirren Picks Out My Clothes for a third time? There's really no way to accurately describe what emotion this book is aiming to evoke and that's why we were drawn to it. Its either an wonderful bit of slapstick what-if humor or a heart-wrenching tale of one's matriarchal void. Truly a unique and exciting addition to the Greying Ghost catalog. "

5.5" x 8.5" Chapbook with hand-stamped covers with black inlay paper
Printed in an edition of 100. C

$6.50 postage paid in USA/Canada.
everyone else, email for a shipping quote.


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Thursday, December 10, 2009


dudes and dudettes: thanks to everyone who has ordered books over the last few weeks. its been our best stretch ever. this has really been a lot of fun and its meant a lot to work with such great authors and avid readers. with each order i just keep getting more and more excited so thanks to all of you. i'm trying my damnedest to keep shipping orders out on time. going hunting for inserts. throwing more ephemera and poems and art in packages. god damn, i love it. stay tuned for more books SOON!

our facebook fan page now has 248 members !
and the facebook group now has 428 members!

keep spreading the word and letting people know about us!
post links like crazy! full throttle!

also, Brooklyn Copeland's chapbook has just sold out!


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Last week for submissions!

this is the last week to submit your manuscripts to the Greying Ghost for possible publication in 2010. you can view our complete submission guidelines . here's a snippet:

we will be reading manuscripts from 9/1/2009 until 12/15/2010. after the first of the year, we will begin the process of choosing 8-10 complete manuscripts (20-25 pages) to be published sometime in 2010. we will also choose 3-5 shorter length manuscripts (10-15 pages) for our smaller pamphlet series. we would prefer to have all submissions be sent electronically via email as an attached .pdf file, but will make exceptions. send your writing to The Greying Ghost Email. all submissions will be read blindly, meaning that our "intern" will print up two copies, one with your name, and one without. we will only read the nameless MS. all paper will be enthusiastically recycled.