Tuesday, September 08, 2009

live from the witch trials!

the office has done been moved. while there's no desk yet and everything is still in boxes and spread out on the floor (so i guess i do have a desk) Greying Ghost is back in operation! all orders will be shipped either today or tomorrow. thanks for everyone's patience.

since we don't yet have internet at home, corduroy mtn will be put on hold. i'll be reading whatever has been sent in the next few days and anything accepted for publication on the website will be up at a later date. i probably won't be getting internet for a little while as i'm going to really hunker down these next few months and the ball rolling on book production again. a few things have already been formatted and a few other things have been proofed and a few other things need some revisions...so i'll be catching up on that end first.

sorry if this sounds rushed, i am at the library and i have 7 minutes of internet time left. after which i'll probably just end up walking down the various alleys and poking my head into the hundreds of witch shops here in salem. this town is amazing. if you haven't been yet, i highly recommend Derby Square Books. it is a little slice of slickened heaven.

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