Tuesday, August 04, 2009

all submissions to The Corduroy Mtn. have been printed out, read, and separated into various piles. so far, this is shaping up to be mammoth! lots of new faces, old friends, varied writing, tons of stuff on the edge... still haven't quite narrowed down a final cast of characters as a few things are still on the fence. we also haven't contacted folks but ya'll should be hearing something in the next week. thanks for everyone's patience and great great writing.

about 75% done with THE DEVIANTS printing. the covers are gonna look smashing. also started work on terhune's book and am almost finished with the last proof for k.orser's chap. its 90+ degrees in the office. surrounded by corrugated cardboard boxes.

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aimee said...

not to mention piles of your wife's nonsense that she hasn't had a chance to pack.