Thursday, July 23, 2009

this is the last week to submit your work to The Corduroy Mtn.
all accepted material will appear in our second print issue! send poems, short fiction, short essays, fancy word-play, experiments, inventions, legal matters, advice, diatribes, diabetes, and spooky dialects. sorry, no recipes.

i'll be moving in a month 20min to the northeast to the wonderful city of Salem. a press with a ghost moves to a city with actual ghosts! i'll be within walking distance to a cove, skee-ball, chow mein sandwiches, a graveyard, the record exchange, and a place called "bunghole liquors" ...

jack boettcher's The Deviants officially hits the printer tomorrow. i've been delayed a bit looking for an apartment. but now i am back on track. also in the works are books by kristen orser, andrew terhune, and a collaboration between sommer browning & brandon shimoda. i think i spelled everyone's name right.

why not help a brother out and buy some BOOKS! minnesota, delaware, the carolinas, maine, kentucky, and wyoming i am looking in your direction. nobody from those states has ever bought a greying ghost book. maybe not even any book, ever. its a great time to read. plus our books are relatively cheap.

plus plus, i won't have to pack them.

plus plus plus, Iredell's WIMTN (When I Moved To Nevada) is flying and will sell out soon. so get on that, too.

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