Tuesday, June 30, 2009

When I Moved To Nevada, Hank Williams, & Naturalistless should all be available individually in the next few days. Tomorrow i'll be working on various updates for the site and cleaning things up until the newly designed website launches. Is that the right word? Do sites launch? Beats me.

The pre-order is up for a few more days. Save yourself a few bucks and get em early. See a few posts down for details. I am too lazy to link.

the cover paper Jack Boettcher's The Deviants is being ripped, sized, and prettied up by hand! No blades on this one, kids. This is how the Amish would do it. When they're not too busy building heaters and wagons that is.

Orser's chapbook covers will my blockprint debut. Multi-colored clouds. Some rain. Or at least this what I am envisioning in my head.

80% humidity today. Kill it 'n grill it.

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