Friday, June 12, 2009

next week i should have a pre-order button up here on the blog for a combined grouping of James Iredell's chap When I Moved To Nevada, Peter Berghoef's Hank Williams pamphlet as well as the newly reprinted Naturalistless by Christopher Rizzo, also in pamphlet form. all artist copies should be in the mail by this weekend. the special will be all three for $10.00. Great Caesar's Greying Ghost!

I'm thinking of making GG shirts that say "Give Up The Ghost!" which sounds sort of corny, but corny is the new catchy.

Mass Market is this weekend also. more info here

this week i'll be starting work on a whole new batch of books.
more on that later. until then, keep it coming.



becca said...

I would totally wear that t-shirt. Doooo it!

peter b. said...

me too.

or "I ain't afraid of no greyin' ghost"

no that blows.

annarummo said...

"this press uses ghostbuster's technology!"