Tuesday, June 30, 2009

cheer up, philip roth!

Some new books added to the WEBSITE!

    When I Moved To Nevada - by James Iredell
    Naturalistless - by Christopher Rizzo
    Hank Williams - by Peter Berghoef

the photos that i uploaded are HUGE, i'll fix em all later.
all these books, and anything else ordered will be accompanied by designated ML Press Stamp Stories!


"photoshoot" bloopers


When I Moved To Nevada, Hank Williams, & Naturalistless should all be available individually in the next few days. Tomorrow i'll be working on various updates for the site and cleaning things up until the newly designed website launches. Is that the right word? Do sites launch? Beats me.

The pre-order is up for a few more days. Save yourself a few bucks and get em early. See a few posts down for details. I am too lazy to link.

the cover paper Jack Boettcher's The Deviants is being ripped, sized, and prettied up by hand! No blades on this one, kids. This is how the Amish would do it. When they're not too busy building heaters and wagons that is.

Orser's chapbook covers will my blockprint debut. Multi-colored clouds. Some rain. Or at least this what I am envisioning in my head.

80% humidity today. Kill it 'n grill it.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hallway... review

juts found this review of the 3" CD my band Triptych Trencher made a while back. its called "The Hallway For Chronic Liars" !!

in the future i'll be releasing a chapbook of some writing of mine, which will come with a soundtrack called "Mehuen Nights" or something to that effect. i've also been tinkering around with the 4-track again. playing with radios and an old keyboard. its like 2006 all over.

don't forget about our pre-order special!

up next will be books by

    Jack Boettcher - The Deviants
    Kristen Orser - Folded Into Your Midwest Thunderstorm

i feel slightly slimy for googling myself.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

office ambience: Black Pus - The Wise Toad (mp3)

ever have that moment where you work on something for 2 hours, then right when you're seemingly finished, you decide you don't like it and erase? i just had one of those moments with Dreamweaver.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Small Farrrs

holy god damn this stuff looks great!

Stamp Stories Courtesy of ML Press

future Greying Ghost orders will proudly come equipped with two Mud Luscious Press stamp stories, by Blake Butler and Stephanie Johnson!

Monday, June 15, 2009

left over from mass market!

sorry to open the floodgates and let the water of paypal icons seep onto your screen so, so, so suddenly. but we have is some left over corduroy mtn plush pillows from today's Mass Market!

we have three left! so the first three people to spend $20.00 on Greying Ghost back titles will get a lovely medium sized Corduroy Mtn. plush! made from genuine, authentic, made in the usa tan-colored corduroy! huzzah!

pre-order b/w a new commitment to the blog

the new way to save, particularly in this bleeding economy. what we got here, is an early bird special. for a limited time, for $10.00 you can have shipping to your mailing locale, a copy of James Iredell's holy modal chapbook When I Moved To Nevada, and two enveloped pamphlets: Hank Williams by Peter Berghoef, and the newly re-minted Naturalistless by the naturally un-listless Christopher Rizzo. also included will be a set of three pins you can either wear on your jacket, put on your backpack, or trade to a crust punk for some OOP 45's! for $10.00!

that smell you're smelling? sure it might be that tire fire in your backyard, but really, its the smell of hot, sweaty, summertime saving. note: i almost typed "shavings"...

nobody wants hot sweaty shavings, so i have just been told.

[pre-order is over. sorry kids]

if you don't want the books but still want to support the press by buying the button set, you can do so by using this:

either way, your purchases and subsequently your support are much appreciated! thank you!

in other news, i've deleted my facebook account. it is a cathartic move i've been thinking about since i joined. i have my reasons which i won't bore you with. please keep in touch by emailing the hell out of me.

i'll also be lowering the prices on some books tonight or tomorrow to make room for the new stuff and to get stuff into your hands already. so keep an eye gazed upon the site for a few.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

here's a review of James Iredell's When I Moved To Nevada, by the ever jolly Rauan Klassnik.

you can also read one of James' other works for free, here

you can also hear him read on the 17th if you live near, or currently enroll in, or is remotely affiliated with their alumni, or whatever it takes to sneak onto a campus these days, at Emory University over yonder by Atlanta way.

Friday, June 12, 2009

next week i should have a pre-order button up here on the blog for a combined grouping of James Iredell's chap When I Moved To Nevada, Peter Berghoef's Hank Williams pamphlet as well as the newly reprinted Naturalistless by Christopher Rizzo, also in pamphlet form. all artist copies should be in the mail by this weekend. the special will be all three for $10.00. Great Caesar's Greying Ghost!

I'm thinking of making GG shirts that say "Give Up The Ghost!" which sounds sort of corny, but corny is the new catchy.

Mass Market is this weekend also. more info here

this week i'll be starting work on a whole new batch of books.
more on that later. until then, keep it coming.


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Thursday, June 04, 2009

the debut issue of The Chapbook Review is up and running.

Corduroy Mtn. continues its search for participants to be included in its next print issue. do you have what it takes?

more Greying Ghost titles are about to drop! a book and three pamphlets to be exact. stay tuned for more info. they are close. so close.

i've been making a massive amount of Greying Ghost and Corduroy Mtn pins to be included in orders. i'll be selling pin sets at Mass Market 4. they would look great on your trendy knapsack or pinned into your flesh like a deranged army general!