Tuesday, May 19, 2009

n e w s n e s s e s

don't forget about Mass Market 4! see post below. i should have a whole heaping cauldron of new stuff available, as well as whatever i still have left from the previous titled. this week i'll be finishing up James Iredell's chapbook "When I Moved to Nevada" and finishing up the envelopes to Peter Berghoef's "Hank Williams" which i ended up turning into a fancy pamphlet/book. both should be finished by this time next week and once they get their copies, they'll be up on the site. also, a reprint of Christopher Rizzo's sold out Naturalistless will be available soon also in a folded pamphlet/envelope form.

if you're on the facebook, you can join the Greying Ghost here!

once again, i am running low on mail inserts!
if you'd like to advertise, we are always looking for promotional material to include in our packages. items may include: ads for presses, ads for book releases, ads or book readings, drawings/art work (w/ website or contact info), & stickers. whatever you got. send as much as you like but keep in reasonable. nothing profane. email me for more info/address.

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