Thursday, April 09, 2009

Kathryn Regina's chap will be available soooon. her copies are in the mail. they are floating through the ether as i type. this week i'll be catching up on consignments and tying up some loose ends. Peter Berghoef's and James Iredell's chaps should be in full production mode by the end of the week. there'll be a big spring batch of books ready for ya'll. also this week i'll be pushing the Greying Ghost backlist. one thing i've failed to take into account is that when you put out stuff pretty frequently, the newer stuff casts a long shadow on the old. like with pink floyd. people love The Wall but forget about Piper At The Gates of Dawn. or do they? all i know is that i went to laser Floyd, it was exclusively Wall tunes. basically, the greying ghost needs a laser show.

the available backlist thusly:

Christopher Rizzo: NATURALISTLESS | info/order
Allen Bramhall: WALDEN BOOK | info/order
Laura Carter: AT THE PULSE | info/order
Adam Fieled: HELP | info/order
Brooklyn Copeland: BORROWED HOUSE | info/order
Colin Bassett: BORING MEADOWS | info/order
Thomas Hummel: STANDS AS MEDIATION | info/order
Zachary Schomburg: THE POND | info/order

keep in mind that quantities are limited. in some cases, under five. i'll keep the site updated so if you see a paypal button, there's still copies.


get psyched for what's about to drop

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aimee said...

you know, we can make that greying ghost lasershow a reality: