Wednesday, March 11, 2009

thank you to all who came out to the reading tonight. very nice to meet everyone and put some faces to some names. sold some books and trade for others. thanks to Robert Ostrom and Thomas Hummel who all brought their A games and who all made the trek up from Brooklyn. thanks to Eric Amling, also from Brooklyn, for reading and brinign cashews and subway picks. expect a greying ghost book from EA at some point. if you haven't read Split Level Igloo, do so. i'm interested in his next step. i had no idea they were all from Brooklyn.

Zachary Schomburg's The Pond and Thomas Hummel's Stands As Mediation are now both available for ordering on the WEBSITE. the pre-order packages will go out in the next couple of days. i'll put up some broadsides too once i figure out how many i have left.

don't forget about Zach's reading of The Pond in its entirety at powell's in portland oregon on march 16th. and also keep your eye out his next full-length Scary, No Scary to be released by the great great great Black Ocean.


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