Thursday, March 26, 2009

hooray! made it to Pittsburgh; a city i love. filled a notebook with writing on the 17 hr bus ride which featured a 4 hour layover in New York's Port Authority. Being in Port Authority is sort of like being incarcerated only in jail, there's a place to sit down. two if you count the toilet. sat in front of two overly pro-jesus renegades from Maine the entire way. breakfast at a roy rogers was goddamn awful. spit it all out. Pitt is wonderful. i've been here many times and dig it more and more. uneven architecture. grime. post industrial decay. friendly people. cheap parking. jerry's record shop. squirrel hill. carnegie art museum. cheap hot dogs. etc.

staying the night at the in-laws house in a small town in west virginia off a road that features a power plant every five miles for thirty miles. there is a constant sound of a very large machine drilling into the ground off in the distance. and train honks.

Tomorrow Aimee and I will drive around and take photos and visit the junk shops and cherokee trading posts.

keep in simple.

from the road,

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bonnie said...

sounds like my kind of town.