Thursday, February 12, 2009

zachary schomburg's The Pond is all printed. this weekend i'll be finalizing some cover designs. still shooting for an early march release date. i might do a pre-order beginning next week. there'll be 150 copies. i have never done a print run this large and so far its been a pretty smooth process.

due to the large amount of manuscripts we've received for the greying ghost, we will not be reading any MSs until the late summer/early fall. more info here. if you've already sent something in, you're still quite good. all previous requests/submissions will be considered. this is only for the ghost, not the corduroy mtn.

this will give me time to catch up on queries, unread MSs, and etc. i'd like to do larger print runs too. and some reprints. this summer we'll be hootin and hollerin'.


if anyone is interested in doing a poetry/prose reading on march 10th @ 7pm with Thomas Hummel at my place of employment, please get in touch with me. This will be a release party of sorts for his greying ghost chapbook as well as his other brilliant book Point and Line to Plane.

so if you live in the boston area or if you could drive out or up or over and want to read some of your work, get in touch. we're looking for 2-3 other poets to read. also, sorry about the last minute request. a couple were thinking of doing it but had other commitments. help a brother out! i'll be selling some ghost books at this event too.

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