Friday, January 16, 2009

state of the ghost

this will be the last post for awhile as i hunker down and crank out arm-loads of books for the spring. corduroy mtn "first print" has been a hoot. thanks to all who had writing included or who ordered one, read, and blogged about it. it's just about sold out. i'll definitely be doing more print issues in the future as time allows. here is what's coming up:

in the next couple of weeks we'll have the brooklyn copeland and becca klaver books ready. both are in the process of printing, assembling. brooklyn's book will have the newsprint inlay paper that i just found at the antique market. becca's will have some colorful paper as well. both will be full of awesome.

after that i'll begin work on kathryn regina's chapbook. its a book of poems involving balloonists and its one of the best things i've read awhile. i'm not just saying either. i mean, i am saying it, just not because the press is releasing it. hell, i might just pay myself for a copy. her book will feature loose sheets of printed paper, either hand sewn or stapled, with cloth tape. the covers will alternate red and white with red and white cloth tape. red paper, white tape, white paper, red tape. cover art tba. this will also be full of awesome.

due by march 1st will be zachary's book The Pond which i might have printed up at a local book press (depending on the quotes i get). if this is the case, i'll have a pre-order system set up to offset the costs. this will be the largest print run i've ever done. and the local printer i got my eye on does great work, quickly. block-print cover. all tastefully done.

i have a lot of work to do, so i'll be going now.

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Totalfeckineejit said...

Good luk wit all dat Karlo. Yer man Daley's chapbook was way cool. Lookin forward to gettin me copy o da mountain,travellin slow ,no rush now, tis a long way from Amerikay to gods own country.