Thursday, January 01, 2009

first post of the new year.

the first batch of First Print books will be shipped tomorrow. so get ready, you crazy kids.

the awesome folks at the EWN ranked shane jones' I will unfold you with my hairy hands as the 20th best book of the year! if you haven't read it, you're a bit too late to the dance as that one has done sold out for good. you should read shane's next book entitled "Light Boxes" published next month by publishing genius. | info

for my birthday i bought myself a bunch of dalkey archive books. this will be the late winter of dalkey. not unlike last winter, which was the winter of balki of perfect strangers fame. there were lots of dances for joy that winter. with a stuffed sheep named dimitri. did anyone watch that show? hello?

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Jamie Iredell said...

I am a perfect stranger because I love Perfect Strangers.