Monday, January 12, 2009

every last order has been sent or will be sent tomorrow a.m.!

went to the Lancaster flea market today. found a bunch paper for chaps and some other materials which might be used for package inserts. the paper is from a series of newspapers from the late 1800's and has that great heavy, letterpressed feel to it. the dude running the booth gave me the hairy eyeball as i sifted through his stacks of late 90s playboys and model train catalogs. he was wearing excessively large snow boots with his acid washed jeans tucked into the tops. a sweatshirt that said "king of beers" and looked like a slightly less-assassinated abraham lincoln.

came up with some good ideas while riding shotgun through central massachusetts. lots of downed trees and white limbs and hills and then into worcester for a comic book store stop then to some half mall with a food court for dinner. if i could eat all of my meals in various food courts, around the world, i would. aimee and i also discussed various world issues. i found an oversized kung-fu comic which has since turned out be terrible.

also, Corduroy Mtn: First Print is FLYING off the shelf. i have about fifteen left. to save you the trouble of clicking around, you can order it here:

its six bucks. that includes S+H and a ton of AWESOME WRITING BY AWESOME PEOPLE! six bucks, thats 60% of your fingers. and you only really need four anyways. thank you! you are welcome.

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aimee said...

I can't quite recall the various world issues we discussed.

we certainly talked about how that oversized kung-fu comic from the 70's was slightly racist.