Wednesday, January 21, 2009

brooklyn copeland's chapbook borrowed house is all printed, stapled, and trimmed. this book, along with colin bassett's boring meadows and becca klaver's chapbook will be available in early feb as a giant batch. they'll be sold separately of course, but there'll be a discount if you buy all three together. i haven't worked out all the details yet, as you can see.

in cleaning up the office i found an extra copy of brian foley's the tornado is not a surrealist! they first person to email me will earn the right to paypal me $6.00 (american)! huzzah!

in other news, stock of ryan daley's, christopher rizzo's, and corduroy mtn's chapbooks are on the verge of selling out. perhaps you should mosey on over to airforce joyride to get your mitts on em before they skid-addle on out of the office. i won't be doing any reprints for a while (as i try and ketchup) so don't drop the ball on this one. valentines day is coming up after all. these are, after all, literary flowers and telegrams.

i have 5, 3, & 10 copies respectively.

i forgot to buy lightbulbs today.

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Yay. :)