Friday, January 30, 2009

just finished the last book of the batch which will include:

    Borrowed House by Brooklyn Copeland
    Boring Meadows by Colin Bassett
    Inside A Red Corvette by Becca Klaver

this is a colorful batch. lots of bright colors. all different in design. the writing is immense in each. they should be available individually sometime this weekend or early next week. i just have to send out the artist copies.

up next:
work continues on kathryn regina's chapbook. and zachary s's book heads off to the printer.

COLD OPERATOR from Carson Mell on Vimeo.

old, but still grand.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

i always thought this was an underrated metal video. its by the band Accept, which was fronted by Patton Oswalt (no) and remembered for their anthem "Balls to The Wall" which sparked a whole generation to not sweat the small stuff and git er done.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

also in the works is a newly redesigned airforce joyride website. i saw the beginnings of it last night and it is looking quite sexy. it will be easier to navigate and shop and the info will be easier to process! i've been told the whole thing will be done in flash. which i assume is a nicer way of saying "not in your shitty html style"

stay tuned!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Corduroy Mtn. is no on duotrope which i believe is a good thing!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

brooklyn copeland's chapbook borrowed house is all printed, stapled, and trimmed. this book, along with colin bassett's boring meadows and becca klaver's chapbook will be available in early feb as a giant batch. they'll be sold separately of course, but there'll be a discount if you buy all three together. i haven't worked out all the details yet, as you can see.

in cleaning up the office i found an extra copy of brian foley's the tornado is not a surrealist! they first person to email me will earn the right to paypal me $6.00 (american)! huzzah!

in other news, stock of ryan daley's, christopher rizzo's, and corduroy mtn's chapbooks are on the verge of selling out. perhaps you should mosey on over to airforce joyride to get your mitts on em before they skid-addle on out of the office. i won't be doing any reprints for a while (as i try and ketchup) so don't drop the ball on this one. valentines day is coming up after all. these are, after all, literary flowers and telegrams.

i have 5, 3, & 10 copies respectively.

i forgot to buy lightbulbs today.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

state of the ghost

this will be the last post for awhile as i hunker down and crank out arm-loads of books for the spring. corduroy mtn "first print" has been a hoot. thanks to all who had writing included or who ordered one, read, and blogged about it. it's just about sold out. i'll definitely be doing more print issues in the future as time allows. here is what's coming up:

in the next couple of weeks we'll have the brooklyn copeland and becca klaver books ready. both are in the process of printing, assembling. brooklyn's book will have the newsprint inlay paper that i just found at the antique market. becca's will have some colorful paper as well. both will be full of awesome.

after that i'll begin work on kathryn regina's chapbook. its a book of poems involving balloonists and its one of the best things i've read awhile. i'm not just saying either. i mean, i am saying it, just not because the press is releasing it. hell, i might just pay myself for a copy. her book will feature loose sheets of printed paper, either hand sewn or stapled, with cloth tape. the covers will alternate red and white with red and white cloth tape. red paper, white tape, white paper, red tape. cover art tba. this will also be full of awesome.

due by march 1st will be zachary's book The Pond which i might have printed up at a local book press (depending on the quotes i get). if this is the case, i'll have a pre-order system set up to offset the costs. this will be the largest print run i've ever done. and the local printer i got my eye on does great work, quickly. block-print cover. all tastefully done.

i have a lot of work to do, so i'll be going now.

Monday, January 12, 2009

every last order has been sent or will be sent tomorrow a.m.!

went to the Lancaster flea market today. found a bunch paper for chaps and some other materials which might be used for package inserts. the paper is from a series of newspapers from the late 1800's and has that great heavy, letterpressed feel to it. the dude running the booth gave me the hairy eyeball as i sifted through his stacks of late 90s playboys and model train catalogs. he was wearing excessively large snow boots with his acid washed jeans tucked into the tops. a sweatshirt that said "king of beers" and looked like a slightly less-assassinated abraham lincoln.

came up with some good ideas while riding shotgun through central massachusetts. lots of downed trees and white limbs and hills and then into worcester for a comic book store stop then to some half mall with a food court for dinner. if i could eat all of my meals in various food courts, around the world, i would. aimee and i also discussed various world issues. i found an oversized kung-fu comic which has since turned out be terrible.

also, Corduroy Mtn: First Print is FLYING off the shelf. i have about fifteen left. to save you the trouble of clicking around, you can order it here:

its six bucks. that includes S+H and a ton of AWESOME WRITING BY AWESOME PEOPLE! six bucks, thats 60% of your fingers. and you only really need four anyways. thank you! you are welcome.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

i've been writing a lot while watching the tv with the sound off. mostly old movies and crime/forensic dramas. sort of like describing what i'm thinking is going on. or making up dialogue. i've gotten some interesting results which i might put into a collection...

i've been slacking on the web version of Corduroy Mtn. so if you sent something and haven't heard back yet, i'll be getting to it this weekend. so hold your pants on your horses.

Friday, January 09, 2009

received these books in the mail today. i sat and stared at them for 30min. amazingly put together. high quality. consider this one of those infomercials where i'm sitting pool side or with my wife in a fancy restaurant and i turn to the camera and say buying these books reaffirmed my belief in the printed word and reminded me that there's some really gorgeous stuff out there an then a number flashes and two midgets show up and sell you a cash flow generator. well, everything but the last part. there's no C.F.G. just awesome hand held books.

i tip my cap and curtsy to ya'll.

[note] those little people look like shrunken mitt romneys!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Monday, January 05, 2009

new year. new blog layout. the old style was ok in its minimalism. but it grew the hell on me. so i changed it to a more tan feel. i thought about this on our drive home from new hampshire. thought into action, that is my motto this year. i can also cross off an item from the "to do-and nine" [like saying two thousand and nine] list which was "buy the first roger daltrey solo record". done, and done. it was a very successful belated birthday record store run. lots of classic rock and mexican country records. something with the song title: you're the reason our kids are ugly.

portsmouth new hampshire is the shit. that's street lingo for "dandy"

now, this week becca klaver's chapbook hits the printer. got the cover paper in the mail on saturday. almost have brooklyn copeland's and kathryn regina's chaps all formatted. so those will be proofed thusly. then we'll bunker down and get zachary schomburg's books into production. then it'll be spring. the snow will be gone and in its place will be books. call off the plows. get drunka nd fat with the DPW fellows. sweet liberty! i've also added a box to the right so you can leer at what we hear here in the office's sanctum. warning: it's mostly classic rock at this point. i cleaned out the itunes folder. if you have an account, lets synch up lists. we need new music.

i'm drooling at the sight of these books.

hooray for william gass.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

tomorrow, sunday, we celebrate my birthday in style by going to a pizza hut bistro which i assume is a huge fancy pizza hut. then we go record shopping. then i can forget about birthdays for another 360 days (or so).

also, i've been writing a ton. expect some output in the new year.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

first post of the new year.

the first batch of First Print books will be shipped tomorrow. so get ready, you crazy kids.

the awesome folks at the EWN ranked shane jones' I will unfold you with my hairy hands as the 20th best book of the year! if you haven't read it, you're a bit too late to the dance as that one has done sold out for good. you should read shane's next book entitled "Light Boxes" published next month by publishing genius. | info

for my birthday i bought myself a bunch of dalkey archive books. this will be the late winter of dalkey. not unlike last winter, which was the winter of balki of perfect strangers fame. there were lots of dances for joy that winter. with a stuffed sheep named dimitri. did anyone watch that show? hello?