Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Comp Blues

We here at Greying Ghost are putting together a compilation CD of super lo-fi, raucous, foot-stomping, ass-quaking rock/roll. We like garage/psych rock. Esp stuff in the vein of the video below. So if you're in a band, or know someone in a band, or have some instruments lying around, record it, and send it to us.

spread the word! we'll make an official webpage soon to make it legit.

Join our Facebook things!

starting in a couple of weeks we'll be including special bonus materials in orders that only our facebook fans can get! they'll either be miniature chapbooks, pamphlets, and/or broadsides! so become a fan of Greying Ghost on facebook (see sidebar) or join our facebook group! niiiiiice.

update #12292009 / re: submissions

all Greying Ghost manuscripts have been read and sorted into piles. the next step is to match the Ms with the authors name and contact info. responses should start going out by the end of the week. in the interest of time, the rejections will be a semi-form letter. people have been waiting for responses for long while so i will try and get them out asap. in lieu of the form rejections, i will give folks who ask for one, a detailed explanation in a second email when time allows. people put in a lot of hard work. i owe them that.

i'd like to also thank everyone who submitted their work. much of it was really a joy to read. can't wait to see who wrote what and maybe meet some new players. again, everyone should have a response in 7-10 days. for all ya'll who sent stuff back in september, thank you for your patience.

psyched and ready to take GG to the next level!

Monday, December 21, 2009

update #12202009

I'm getting greedy! Lets get our fan # up to an even 500! Tell you friends to join! repost like crazy. Link to our website! We got a lot of awesome books about to drop and we really wanna get the word out! Plus, for our FB pals we're gonna be including pamphlets with orders that ONLY YOU, our FB pals can get!! NIIICE! Join by clicking the link to the right.

Dan Boehl's books is 3/4ths printed. covers will be semi-letterpressed!! navy blue and black inks. its done gone look sweet.

Kristen Orser's book just needs to have the covers stamped and stapled and they're done.

Shane's reprint is sniffin 'round the printer.

started a twitter as a way to laugh at my own jokes which sounds a bit conceited, i know. someone has to, right? its all tongue in cheek.

just found a bowling ashtray!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Andrew Terhune's Chapbook is Now Available!

Helen Mirren Picks Out My Clothes
Andrew Terhune


"Spit will dribble from your chin laughter. Then a memory of a deceased loved one will drip from the corner of your eye. What will happen you read Helen Mirren Picks Out My Clothes for a third time? There's really no way to accurately describe what emotion this book is aiming to evoke and that's why we were drawn to it. Its either an wonderful bit of slapstick what-if humor or a heart-wrenching tale of one's matriarchal void. Truly a unique and exciting addition to the Greying Ghost catalog. "

5.5" x 8.5" Chapbook with hand-stamped covers with black inlay paper
Printed in an edition of 100. C

$6.50 postage paid in USA/Canada.
everyone else, email for a shipping quote.


Add To Goodreads

Thursday, December 10, 2009


dudes and dudettes: thanks to everyone who has ordered books over the last few weeks. its been our best stretch ever. this has really been a lot of fun and its meant a lot to work with such great authors and avid readers. with each order i just keep getting more and more excited so thanks to all of you. i'm trying my damnedest to keep shipping orders out on time. going hunting for inserts. throwing more ephemera and poems and art in packages. god damn, i love it. stay tuned for more books SOON!

our facebook fan page now has 248 members !
and the facebook group now has 428 members!

keep spreading the word and letting people know about us!
post links like crazy! full throttle!

also, Brooklyn Copeland's chapbook has just sold out!


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Last week for submissions!

this is the last week to submit your manuscripts to the Greying Ghost for possible publication in 2010. you can view our complete submission guidelines . here's a snippet:

we will be reading manuscripts from 9/1/2009 until 12/15/2010. after the first of the year, we will begin the process of choosing 8-10 complete manuscripts (20-25 pages) to be published sometime in 2010. we will also choose 3-5 shorter length manuscripts (10-15 pages) for our smaller pamphlet series. we would prefer to have all submissions be sent electronically via email as an attached .pdf file, but will make exceptions. send your writing to The Greying Ghost Email. all submissions will be read blindly, meaning that our "intern" will print up two copies, one with your name, and one without. we will only read the nameless MS. all paper will be enthusiastically recycled.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

update #11162009

this week we're finishing andrew terhune's chapbook. just finished folding and trimming 500+ pages individually with a cat in my lap and pumpkin whoopie pie crumbs in my stubble. the covers will be a mixture of stamp and collage art. should be ready by next weekend. after that we're finishing up kristen orser's book and sending the browning/shimoda "bowling" chap to the printer. The Bowling will be printed off site to save time but a local print shop here in salem. more details forthcoming. also this weekend, we'll be putting up a pre-order link to shane jones' "hairy hands" chapbook. this will be your last chance to be unfolded by hairy hands so if you miss this last opportunity, you will continue to sleep in knots or at the very least, recline in a folded fetal position. i might even add this sooner to offset the printer costs. also keep in mind that there's only a few short weeks left for you to submit your manuscripts to the Greying Ghost for 2010 publication. better get it in before the world is destroyed by the mayans or whatever. john cusack as an action hero? nope.

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Monday, November 02, 2009

Greying Ghost Catalog Update #110209

Greying Ghost Press |

Still Available:
[click price to order]

The Deviants by Jack Boettcher { N E W }
"If James Tate were to somehow mate with the remnants of a demolition derby, The Deviants would
eat its baby. Jack Boettcher is a craftsman and reading these poems is like walking into his shoppe
and running your fingers over all the sharpened surfaces. Each poem contains a tight suture of wit
and brutally evasive humor. The Deviants will read, and re-read and re-re-read until it all just disappears
and you, the reader are left "a decommissioned weapon / holding up a lily / in a ceasefire no one respects."

chapbook | $7.50 ppd


Hank Williams by Peter Berghoef
"What does Hank represent? Beats me. Seems more like a drunken retelling of a lost weekend, composed
over a honky tonk piano, written by Cormac Mccarthy's Llewelyn Moss. Somewhere in this poem is a pick-up
chase and a case of spilled beer over by a pond-side campfire. This is why I love Berghoef's writing."

pamphlet | $2.00 ppd or free with the purchase of any GG chapbook


When I Moved To Nevada by James Iredell
""When I Moved to Nevada" is filled with snow, drugs, stars, bars and music. It made me think (though it's
very different) of Jon Leon's "Hit Wave" but, really, this book is very and wonderfully Denis Johnson. Good
Denis Johnson. If you're a fan of Jesus' Son then Jamie's chapbook is definitely for you." -- Rauan Klassnik

chapbook | $7.00 ppd


I Am In The Air Right Now by Kathryn Regina
"An unfeigned sky-ride that specks down flints of candor from the thinned air. I Am In The Air Right Now
is the story of a floatist who, while riding alone in a hot-air balloon, finds she is able to re-imagine the
pieces of the world from which she has fled. Soon the balloon's basket is crowded with the likes of boys
named Pedro, a horse, flat tires, and bears. An utterly original story from a rising voice in the field."

chapbook | $6.50 ppd


Help! by Adam Fieled
"Adam Fieled's Help! is writ with the din that blows eastward from Alleghany range to the eavesdropper's ear
in Philadelphia. Inspired by the classic Beatles album, Help! could be the pouring of a soul into a very small cup,
or the a bunch of little souls spilling from the cup onto the floor. His poems talk to You directly. They welcome
you into their kitchen. They help you with your coat and build a fire. They feed you and then they leave you."

chapbook | $4.00 ppd


Borrowed House by Brooklyn Copeland
"Welcome to Borrowed House - a collection of poems antsy enough to have been written one hundred years ago,
and only now sprung from the dusty congressional archives. They will embrace you like a panther unto its prey.
And amidst the embrace they will roll their eyes at the growing piles of strangers because a hotel is nothing
more than a borrowed house."

chapbook | $6.50 ppd


Naturalistless by Christopher Rizzo
"A few years back my wife and I were hanging with Chris Rizzo at this bar called Charlie's Kitchen over in Harvard
Square. After a few beers he pushed over this packet of poems called "Spare Parts" and says "let me know what
you think." I remember going home and reading it and saying "i wish i could write this good." I didn't write a poem
for five months. "Naturalistless" is the ultimate compendium of his spare parts. These poems are whole sentences
chopped down to two words, joined. It is both a refreshing poetic statement and a future bookshelf mainstay. Also, Christopher Rizzo is the man behind the unparalleled Anchorite Press."

pamphlet | $3.50 ppd or free with purchase of any GG chapbook


First Print by Corduroy Mtn.
"We like hats. We like hats so much we threw ours into the literary magazine ring. When we all became embarrassed
by our haircuts, what we found was some truly excellent, original, and eclectic material written by a bunch of strangers.
First Print comes as a 5x7 chapbook with hand stamped covers (each one is different!), a broadsheet, a photograph,
and a Jack Boettcher quote. Printed on high quality linen paper with color inserts.

Features work by: Peter Berghoef, Shane Jones, Brooklyn Copeland, Forest Roth, Blake Butler, Mandy Billings, Brandon
Shimoda, Sommer Browning, Adam Maynard, Joshua Ware, Drew Kalbach, B.J. Love, Kevin Wilson, Kendra Malone, Jac Jemc,
Eric Amling, and James Iredell

chapbook | $6.00 ppd


At The Pulse by Laura Carter
"Like a conversation between two dinner guests - one in the bustling din of a dining room, the other across town in the burgundy dust of a soup kitchen open at the crack of dawn. These collection of poetic pulses interpret the grind and the ornate and the fierceness and the irreversible gait of life's intoxication through a sheer veneer of waggish curiosity. At The Pulse is astonishingly brilliant. "

chapbook | $6.00 ppd


Stands As Mediation by Thomas Hummel
"A cyclical translation of Gertrude Stein's Stanzas In Meditation, Thomas Hummel, through his mad experiments, had
produced ten poems that refuse to pay rent. They squat in the abandoned factories and the houses of its workers and
stand in front of the windows with the lights on. And though you're not quite sure if they're laughing at or with you,
the fact they are laughing is reason enough to befriend them. Roll over Gertrude and wake her up."

chapbook | $7.00 ppd


The Pond by Zachary Schomburg
"We've all lived near a pond at some point. We've all stuck a finger in its surface and wondered what the hell was under
there. Perhaps after an accident the pond gets drained and gaggles of neighborhood kids then find their bikes and balls
and other bits of tossed ephemera. The Pond is like a catalog of all that: of yesterdays both dreamt and recollected
with clarity."

chapbook | $5.00 ppd


Coming Soon!
Eric Amling - Total Surfdom
J Michael Wahlgren - Credo
Mathias Svalina & Julia Cohen - Sugar Means Yes
Andrew Terhune - Helen Mirren Picks Out My Clothes
Dan Boehl - Les Miseres et les Mal-Heurs de la Guerre
Kristen Orser - Folded Into Your Midwestern Thunderstorm
Krammer Abrahams - Boots Walking In America
Sommer Browning & Brandon Shimoda - The Bowling
Troy Urquhart - Springtime Sea Bathing
Jon Cone - The Plesyre Barge
Judson Hamilton - No Rainbow
Michael Bible - Gorilla Math
J.A. Tyler - Our, Us, & We
Corduroy Mtn. #2

There will also be reprints of Shane Jones' I Will Unfold You With My Hairy Hands and
Peter Berghoef's News of The Haircuts!!


Please note that supplies are limited. In most cases, there are only 5-10 copies left.
I will keep a close eye on orders and update the website frequently. Also, you can
join on facebook.


Greying Ghost will be reading submissions until the end of the year.
You can read our guidelines HERE

& don't forget you can always send your work to Corduroy Mtn.


We have a lot of great books coming out and a very tiny office so help us clear some
space on our shelves by buying a book or two! All packages come with a fistful of inserts and whatever else
I can cram into the envelopes!

Thanks for reading!

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jack Boettcher's THE DEVIANTS now available!

Jack Boettcher
The Deviants


"If James Tate were to somehow mate with the remnants of a demolition derby, The Deviants would eat its baby. Jack Boettcher is a craftsman and reading these poems is like walking into his shoppe and running your fingers over all the sharpened surfaces. Each poem contains a tight suture of wit and brutally evasive humor. The Deviants will read, and re-read and re-re-read until it all just disappears and you, the reader are left "a decommissioned weapon / holding up a lily / in a ceasefire no one respects."

5.5" x 7" Chapbook with hand-ripped,
hand stamped covers with decorative inlay paper!
Printed in an edition of 120.

Click here for images of the cover.

$7.50 postage paid in USA/Canada.
everyone else, email for a shipping quote.

Order @ Greying Ghost
& Add to Goodreads

Thursday, October 08, 2009


keep an eye on the Facebook Group page. I'll be posting more news on its wall there on a more frequent basis. this blog will mostly be photos of releases. friend us or whatever the phrase is.

Phtgrphs f Jck Bttchr's Th Dvnts Chpbk

Jack Boettcher's The Deviants is now available for pre-order!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009


excellent review of The Country Where No One Ever Dies By Ornela Vorpsi (Dalkey) by Josh Maday in THE COLLAGIST.

also, in the LA Times, a classy review of The Book of Jokes by Momus

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Rich Ives and Len Kuntz added to The Corduroy Mtn.!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bill Cosby describing the game of buck-buck

Let's Make A Story has been updated.
read it up and down and send along a line. you will feel a renewed sense of self-worth in doing so.

Corduroy Mtn. will be updated on the sunday,
or, the day of suns, for all ya'll borderline pagans.

and now, another installment of "Our Town":

Monday, September 14, 2009

authentic hanging grounds potting soil

huzzah! at last, internet access is mine. laptop is now fixed which means i can take advantage of the wifi-ness of salem. mostly, i've grown quite fond of this place and the derby wharf lighthouse. the later of which you can sit and watch inebriated people on boats try and find the marblehead docks. it is also a grand reading spot. so far, only a few awkward goth lads. the fifth annual pagan touch football benefit was a hoot.

another funny/somewhat frightening common occurrence is when our cat, who is mostly black, sits in one of the window, she draws a lot of oohs and ahhs from the locals as they walk by. if she ever went outside she'd be snatched up in a pillowcase and stoned. like, with rocks, not hallucinogens.

here's a little bit of the local flavor:

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

live from the witch trials!

the office has done been moved. while there's no desk yet and everything is still in boxes and spread out on the floor (so i guess i do have a desk) Greying Ghost is back in operation! all orders will be shipped either today or tomorrow. thanks for everyone's patience.

since we don't yet have internet at home, corduroy mtn will be put on hold. i'll be reading whatever has been sent in the next few days and anything accepted for publication on the website will be up at a later date. i probably won't be getting internet for a little while as i'm going to really hunker down these next few months and the ball rolling on book production again. a few things have already been formatted and a few other things have been proofed and a few other things need some i'll be catching up on that end first.

sorry if this sounds rushed, i am at the library and i have 7 minutes of internet time left. after which i'll probably just end up walking down the various alleys and poking my head into the hundreds of witch shops here in salem. this town is amazing. if you haven't been yet, i highly recommend Derby Square Books. it is a little slice of slickened heaven.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

call for subs (non-lunch content)

we be taking submissions! spread the word!

light at the end or the bottom or the top of the tunnel

a quick update on GG happenings. our move so far has been quite brutal (re: u-haul, moving in general). luckily the light at the end or the bottom or the top of the tunnel is big like a full moon! tonight we will be officially moved in, but since we had to magically cram our stuff into a temporary storage unit, book production is on hiatus until the weekend, when i'll be assembling the boettcher book, hopefully.

Friday, August 21, 2009

// humid jeans \\

monster interview with adam robinson of publishing genius. some great behind-the-curtains glimpses into the jones/pg/penguin journey. if anyone can recommend a good source of information regarding copyrights and lit ownership, please pass it my way...

this weekend i'll be knocking out the covers to jack boettcher's The Deviants. they're the best covers i've ever done. hand stamped magic! this sumemr has been a bit slower then i'd anticipated especially with us moving into a new place and all. so i apologize for behind the sched.

all will be well!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

new noo

check us out in the new issue of Noo Journal.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

hitting the rainy streets

attn folks in the seattle/pacific northwest region: you can now grab yourself some Greying Ghost chapbooks at Pilot Books! niiiice!

also, we've gotten some great lines for our Let's Make A Story project. if you can string along a few words into a sentence, send it in and we'll post em. you don't have to be a big fancy writer-type. any and everyone can help!

deep thoughts while waiting for ink to dry.

i am a firm believer in reincarnation. most likely in a previous life, i died at a Who concert. i suspect the Isle of Wight show from 1970. this would explain the uncanny false-flashbacks i get when they show their Isle of Wight performance on the tv. either that, or i made jumpsuits or floral shirts with tassles for a living in a previous life.

if only the ad wizards could've gotten their hands on the spanish civil war!

between this, and this, i now believe people in the advertising industry have a real good sense of humor.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sunday, August 09, 2009

you're gonna miss my spell on you

all orders this month will come with a free pamphlet!
who says i don't treat you right?

Friday, August 07, 2009

hairy and the hendersons

re-did the site a bit.

lineup for Corduroy Mtn. has been finalized.
all parties have been notified.
more details forthcoming!

also, got the cover illustration for Shane Jones'
Hair Hands reprint:

many thanks to the immensely talented
ria brodell for the artwork.

due out late october/early november!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

still a great party tune.
also, never knew the DC5 had a sax man.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

all submissions to The Corduroy Mtn. have been printed out, read, and separated into various piles. so far, this is shaping up to be mammoth! lots of new faces, old friends, varied writing, tons of stuff on the edge... still haven't quite narrowed down a final cast of characters as a few things are still on the fence. we also haven't contacted folks but ya'll should be hearing something in the next week. thanks for everyone's patience and great great writing.

about 75% done with THE DEVIANTS printing. the covers are gonna look smashing. also started work on terhune's book and am almost finished with the last proof for k.orser's chap. its 90+ degrees in the office. surrounded by corrugated cardboard boxes.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

you've never even been to the crunch!

submission window for the second print issue of corduroy mtn has closed. next print will open again after the first of the year. anything submitted august first or later will be for web publication only.

official greying ghost ms reading has been bumped back to september since i'll be moving into a new apartment. tho, if you are so inclined to do so, you can send stuff now. keep in mind it will be a few months for a reply.

more info here

some things i am enjoying right now:

    Ty Segall records.
    Warren Zevon records.
    Mighty Boosh Season 3
    Steinbeck's Cannery Row
    printing from a .pdf rather than a .doc
    Two Dollar Radio
    Cinematheque press
    Victor Martinez's batting stance

a ton of stuff it hitting the printer this week.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

straight from the lord of overstock:

in packing up the office i came across a batch of 3" cds the great grimeology records put out back when i did electronic music. this cd is a mishmash of radios and captured sounds. a little keyboard here and there. an old shoe to give it that ochre sound. sound sample and review here. enjoy!


Friday, July 24, 2009

introducing, Lets Make A Story.
i got the ball rolling. lets see where we get.

i'll be posting them in the order they are received!
also, be patient. i may not get em up the same day.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

this is the last week to submit your work to The Corduroy Mtn.
all accepted material will appear in our second print issue! send poems, short fiction, short essays, fancy word-play, experiments, inventions, legal matters, advice, diatribes, diabetes, and spooky dialects. sorry, no recipes.

i'll be moving in a month 20min to the northeast to the wonderful city of Salem. a press with a ghost moves to a city with actual ghosts! i'll be within walking distance to a cove, skee-ball, chow mein sandwiches, a graveyard, the record exchange, and a place called "bunghole liquors" ...

jack boettcher's The Deviants officially hits the printer tomorrow. i've been delayed a bit looking for an apartment. but now i am back on track. also in the works are books by kristen orser, andrew terhune, and a collaboration between sommer browning & brandon shimoda. i think i spelled everyone's name right.

why not help a brother out and buy some BOOKS! minnesota, delaware, the carolinas, maine, kentucky, and wyoming i am looking in your direction. nobody from those states has ever bought a greying ghost book. maybe not even any book, ever. its a great time to read. plus our books are relatively cheap.

plus plus, i won't have to pack them.

plus plus plus, Iredell's WIMTN (When I Moved To Nevada) is flying and will sell out soon. so get on that, too.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Boring Meadows Update

Boring Meadows has officially sold out! Thanks to all who purchased and read and enjoyed and spread the word. Reprint is definitely in the works. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

shades of abreu / '05

jack boettcher's The Deviants will be hitting the printer this week!
also, for those of you in the seattle area, you'll be able to find GG titles at Pilot Books
you know, once i send them.

using humor to alleviate socially awkward moments with pets.

Just a reminder that all submissions for the second issue of the Corduroy Mtn. should be in 11:59pm on August 1st! The title of the second issue will be feature a word from each entry's title. possibly. The covers will be sweet: fastened pieces of paper, packaged in a bag. SEND IT.

Friday, July 10, 2009

hurrah fer mountain doins

all orders, including stuff to foreign lands, has been shipped.
see the worst apartment listing photos EVER here

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Friday, July 03, 2009

Dire Straits & Headbands? Huh?

fyi, i have exactly four copies left of Colin Bassett's Boring Meadows.
get on it here before they're gone.

also, i'm down to about 15 copies of Zach Schomburg's The Pond.
dive into those waters here before it dries up.


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

cheer up, philip roth!

Some new books added to the WEBSITE!

    When I Moved To Nevada - by James Iredell
    Naturalistless - by Christopher Rizzo
    Hank Williams - by Peter Berghoef

the photos that i uploaded are HUGE, i'll fix em all later.
all these books, and anything else ordered will be accompanied by designated ML Press Stamp Stories!


"photoshoot" bloopers


When I Moved To Nevada, Hank Williams, & Naturalistless should all be available individually in the next few days. Tomorrow i'll be working on various updates for the site and cleaning things up until the newly designed website launches. Is that the right word? Do sites launch? Beats me.

The pre-order is up for a few more days. Save yourself a few bucks and get em early. See a few posts down for details. I am too lazy to link.

the cover paper Jack Boettcher's The Deviants is being ripped, sized, and prettied up by hand! No blades on this one, kids. This is how the Amish would do it. When they're not too busy building heaters and wagons that is.

Orser's chapbook covers will my blockprint debut. Multi-colored clouds. Some rain. Or at least this what I am envisioning in my head.

80% humidity today. Kill it 'n grill it.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hallway... review

juts found this review of the 3" CD my band Triptych Trencher made a while back. its called "The Hallway For Chronic Liars" !!

in the future i'll be releasing a chapbook of some writing of mine, which will come with a soundtrack called "Mehuen Nights" or something to that effect. i've also been tinkering around with the 4-track again. playing with radios and an old keyboard. its like 2006 all over.

don't forget about our pre-order special!

up next will be books by

    Jack Boettcher - The Deviants
    Kristen Orser - Folded Into Your Midwest Thunderstorm

i feel slightly slimy for googling myself.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

office ambience: Black Pus - The Wise Toad (mp3)

ever have that moment where you work on something for 2 hours, then right when you're seemingly finished, you decide you don't like it and erase? i just had one of those moments with Dreamweaver.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Small Farrrs

holy god damn this stuff looks great!

Stamp Stories Courtesy of ML Press

future Greying Ghost orders will proudly come equipped with two Mud Luscious Press stamp stories, by Blake Butler and Stephanie Johnson!

Monday, June 15, 2009

left over from mass market!

sorry to open the floodgates and let the water of paypal icons seep onto your screen so, so, so suddenly. but we have is some left over corduroy mtn plush pillows from today's Mass Market!

we have three left! so the first three people to spend $20.00 on Greying Ghost back titles will get a lovely medium sized Corduroy Mtn. plush! made from genuine, authentic, made in the usa tan-colored corduroy! huzzah!

pre-order b/w a new commitment to the blog

the new way to save, particularly in this bleeding economy. what we got here, is an early bird special. for a limited time, for $10.00 you can have shipping to your mailing locale, a copy of James Iredell's holy modal chapbook When I Moved To Nevada, and two enveloped pamphlets: Hank Williams by Peter Berghoef, and the newly re-minted Naturalistless by the naturally un-listless Christopher Rizzo. also included will be a set of three pins you can either wear on your jacket, put on your backpack, or trade to a crust punk for some OOP 45's! for $10.00!

that smell you're smelling? sure it might be that tire fire in your backyard, but really, its the smell of hot, sweaty, summertime saving. note: i almost typed "shavings"...

nobody wants hot sweaty shavings, so i have just been told.

[pre-order is over. sorry kids]

if you don't want the books but still want to support the press by buying the button set, you can do so by using this:

either way, your purchases and subsequently your support are much appreciated! thank you!

in other news, i've deleted my facebook account. it is a cathartic move i've been thinking about since i joined. i have my reasons which i won't bore you with. please keep in touch by emailing the hell out of me.

i'll also be lowering the prices on some books tonight or tomorrow to make room for the new stuff and to get stuff into your hands already. so keep an eye gazed upon the site for a few.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

here's a review of James Iredell's When I Moved To Nevada, by the ever jolly Rauan Klassnik.

you can also read one of James' other works for free, here

you can also hear him read on the 17th if you live near, or currently enroll in, or is remotely affiliated with their alumni, or whatever it takes to sneak onto a campus these days, at Emory University over yonder by Atlanta way.

Friday, June 12, 2009

next week i should have a pre-order button up here on the blog for a combined grouping of James Iredell's chap When I Moved To Nevada, Peter Berghoef's Hank Williams pamphlet as well as the newly reprinted Naturalistless by Christopher Rizzo, also in pamphlet form. all artist copies should be in the mail by this weekend. the special will be all three for $10.00. Great Caesar's Greying Ghost!

I'm thinking of making GG shirts that say "Give Up The Ghost!" which sounds sort of corny, but corny is the new catchy.

Mass Market is this weekend also. more info here

this week i'll be starting work on a whole new batch of books.
more on that later. until then, keep it coming.


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Thursday, June 04, 2009

the debut issue of The Chapbook Review is up and running.

Corduroy Mtn. continues its search for participants to be included in its next print issue. do you have what it takes?

more Greying Ghost titles are about to drop! a book and three pamphlets to be exact. stay tuned for more info. they are close. so close.

i've been making a massive amount of Greying Ghost and Corduroy Mtn pins to be included in orders. i'll be selling pin sets at Mass Market 4. they would look great on your trendy knapsack or pinned into your flesh like a deranged army general!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


read an interview w/ me @ THUNK?!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

n e w s n e s s e s

don't forget about Mass Market 4! see post below. i should have a whole heaping cauldron of new stuff available, as well as whatever i still have left from the previous titled. this week i'll be finishing up James Iredell's chapbook "When I Moved to Nevada" and finishing up the envelopes to Peter Berghoef's "Hank Williams" which i ended up turning into a fancy pamphlet/book. both should be finished by this time next week and once they get their copies, they'll be up on the site. also, a reprint of Christopher Rizzo's sold out Naturalistless will be available soon also in a folded pamphlet/envelope form.

if you're on the facebook, you can join the Greying Ghost here!

once again, i am running low on mail inserts!
if you'd like to advertise, we are always looking for promotional material to include in our packages. items may include: ads for presses, ads for book releases, ads or book readings, drawings/art work (w/ website or contact info), & stickers. whatever you got. send as much as you like but keep in reasonable. nothing profane. email me for more info/address.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

shame on you if you didn't get batch 2 from hand held editions as they are all sold out. HH is THEE best press out there. the level of craftsmanship, effort, and detail they put into their books is astounding.

that's all i got.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Corduroy Mtn is now seeking submissions for our second print issue! details here.

we'd like to make the second issue twice as big as the first and maybe have some sort of release party somewhere. so stay tuned.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Greying Ghost will be selling its wares at the fourth annual Mass Market! we'll have our usual chapbooks plus other materials such as broadsides, pamphlets, etc. maybe a small box of supplies. stop by, say hello, bring me a soda!

here's the info:

Mass Market 4
Sunday JUNE 14th, 2009
11am - 6pm
Massachusetts College of Art, Pozen Center
621 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA
All Ages $1.00 Admission Fee


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

in the next 7-10 days i'll be going through all the submissions for Greying Ghost and Corduroy Mtn. so if you sent something, and haven't heard back yet, you will soon. i've been taking some time off from doing press stuff to work on my own writing.

likewise, all mail orders have been sent!

thanks to a huge paper sale in town, i've replenished my paper supply. lots of ideas brewing. its like grocery shopping.

i'm seeing the J Geils Band at the house of blues tonight.

summer is here.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Am In The Air Right Now

Kathryn Regina's chapbook I Am In The Air Right Now is now available!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

kathryn regina's book should be up on a newly spiffed greying ghost site sometime sunday afternoon. i was going to put it up tonight but it is late and i am tired. here are some photos to whet your lips with. my windows are open.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Kathryn Regina's chap will be available soooon. her copies are in the mail. they are floating through the ether as i type. this week i'll be catching up on consignments and tying up some loose ends. Peter Berghoef's and James Iredell's chaps should be in full production mode by the end of the week. there'll be a big spring batch of books ready for ya'll. also this week i'll be pushing the Greying Ghost backlist. one thing i've failed to take into account is that when you put out stuff pretty frequently, the newer stuff casts a long shadow on the old. like with pink floyd. people love The Wall but forget about Piper At The Gates of Dawn. or do they? all i know is that i went to laser Floyd, it was exclusively Wall tunes. basically, the greying ghost needs a laser show.

the available backlist thusly:

Christopher Rizzo: NATURALISTLESS | info/order
Allen Bramhall: WALDEN BOOK | info/order
Laura Carter: AT THE PULSE | info/order
Adam Fieled: HELP | info/order
Brooklyn Copeland: BORROWED HOUSE | info/order
Colin Bassett: BORING MEADOWS | info/order
Thomas Hummel: STANDS AS MEDIATION | info/order
Zachary Schomburg: THE POND | info/order

keep in mind that quantities are limited. in some cases, under five. i'll keep the site updated so if you see a paypal button, there's still copies.


get psyched for what's about to drop

Monday, April 06, 2009

K. Regina's Chapbook is 95% finished. i'm now taking pre-orders! they will be shipped once Kathryn receives her copies, most likely by the end of the week! hooray!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Greg Lytle has graciously made an incredible video based on a poem from Kathryn Regina's soon-to-be-released Greying Ghost chapbook I Am In The Air Right Now. check it out below:

I Am In the Air Right Now from Greg Lytle on Vimeo.

awesome awesome awesome.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

ate boiled eggs and fed beer to the dogs

Zachary Schomburg's The Pond is selling fast. if you want to get in on that, you should, soon. ORDER y'self a copy. treat y'self right. if you live in boston you can purchase a copy at Brookline Booksmith in, well, Brookline. its on the staff recommends shelf. if you live in portland oregon, powell's should have some copies.

someday i'll open up my own actual physical store.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

a few updates:

kathryn regina's book hits the printer tonight after a quick formatting/editing run through. printed up a test copy last night and things are looking good. paper arrived yesterday in the mail. this, peter b's, and jamie iredell's chap should be available in the coming weeks.

j.a. tyler is doing something really great with stamp stories. it promotes a sense of community among small presses and people who buy small press books. jim chen's story will be availble for free with all greying ghost orders. also, thanks to the folks who have been sending along their promotional materials for packages as well. spreading the word.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009

hooray! made it to Pittsburgh; a city i love. filled a notebook with writing on the 17 hr bus ride which featured a 4 hour layover in New York's Port Authority. Being in Port Authority is sort of like being incarcerated only in jail, there's a place to sit down. two if you count the toilet. sat in front of two overly pro-jesus renegades from Maine the entire way. breakfast at a roy rogers was goddamn awful. spit it all out. Pitt is wonderful. i've been here many times and dig it more and more. uneven architecture. grime. post industrial decay. friendly people. cheap parking. jerry's record shop. squirrel hill. carnegie art museum. cheap hot dogs. etc.

staying the night at the in-laws house in a small town in west virginia off a road that features a power plant every five miles for thirty miles. there is a constant sound of a very large machine drilling into the ground off in the distance. and train honks.

Tomorrow Aimee and I will drive around and take photos and visit the junk shops and cherokee trading posts.

keep in simple.

from the road,

Friday, March 20, 2009

i am running low on package inserts. very low. so here is my idea: if you have a book out, or if you have a press, or anything you want to advertise, made up some flyers, or some ads, and send them to me. its like free publicity! and everyone loves getting interesting inserts with their mail. the inserts should just be single page, nothing elaborate, and on light paper (no heavy cardstock). you can even just handwrite something and photocopy it. here's a list of what i think would be cool:

    ads for presses
    ads for book releases
    drawings/art work (w/ website or contact info)

whatever you got. send as much as you like but keep in reasonable. nothing profane. email me for more info/ address.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Becca Klaver's chapbook is now sold out!

Monday, March 16, 2009

some random updates!

all pieces of mail should be out of the office by tuesday. thanks to all who have ordered books from us either recently or in the past. every order helps with the next batch of books. if i may act like a tourist in a high speed car chase, let me say "this is all so very exciting!"

this week i'll be getting back to each and everyone of you who has submitting writing either to the ghost or to the mtn. i'm going to try and get the rest of the year for greying ghost set up in a logical manner and get all the mtn submissions up and posted. my apologies for all who have sent stuff and are waiting for a response. i would've liked to sooner but shit happens.

the next book on the plank will be "I AM IN THE AIR RIGHT NOW" by Kathryn Regina. it will be a colorful eye-popping display of manuscript prowess. one of the best things i've read in a good long while. i'm not saying that, i'm SAYING THAT.

i'm shooting for an 4/1/09 date. give or take a few days.
i'll be a short vacation: bus ride rendezvous with my wife. bringing nothing but a notebook and a pen. maybe some clothes.

i'm supposed to be working on a blog for work so if anyone wants to be interviewed about used books feel free to get in touch. if you have a book out or something interesting going on, we'll plug that but mostly i'll be asking you various aspects of used books. with lots of sarcastic, snarky humor. all are welcome.

that's all for now.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

thank you to all who came out to the reading tonight. very nice to meet everyone and put some faces to some names. sold some books and trade for others. thanks to Robert Ostrom and Thomas Hummel who all brought their A games and who all made the trek up from Brooklyn. thanks to Eric Amling, also from Brooklyn, for reading and brinign cashews and subway picks. expect a greying ghost book from EA at some point. if you haven't read Split Level Igloo, do so. i'm interested in his next step. i had no idea they were all from Brooklyn.

Zachary Schomburg's The Pond and Thomas Hummel's Stands As Mediation are now both available for ordering on the WEBSITE. the pre-order packages will go out in the next couple of days. i'll put up some broadsides too once i figure out how many i have left.

don't forget about Zach's reading of The Pond in its entirety at powell's in portland oregon on march 16th. and also keep your eye out his next full-length Scary, No Scary to be released by the great great great Black Ocean.


Friday, March 06, 2009

don't forget that this upcoming tuesday, march tenth, at 7pm in the basement of brookline booksmith, you have the rare opportunity to hear THOMAS HUMMEL & ERIC AMLING & ROB OSTROM read their poetry for FREE! they are coming from all corners of the globe, hoofing it through rain forests and ghettos and in some instances, new york city. they are making the effort to get here, so should you. there will be plenty o'books for you to purchase, and maybe some beers afterwards.

i'll have fresh copies, hot off the printer of thomas's new greying ghost chapbook Stands As Mediation as well as some GG backlist titles and broadsides. i'll also have copies of Zach Schomburg's The Pond.



Wednesday, February 25, 2009

new stuff up at Corduroy Mtn.!

Zachary Schomburg's The Pond chapbook should be available to order by next week. i hauled ass and got his artist copies all in tip top shape. i'll be sending them off later this week. once he gets em, i'll throw them up on the GG site. you know the drill. also if you live in the Portland Oregon area, you can hear ZS read from The Pond at Powell's on Monday, March 16 @ 5:15pm as part of Smallpressapalooza. that will be quite the shindig. stay tuned for more info.

also nearing completion is a small chap of a long poem by Peter Berghoef called Hank Williams.

get excited. warm weather will be soon.

Monday, February 23, 2009

"One of the final recordings from inter-media artisan Carl Annarummo's Triptych Trencher project. Meticulously composed sound collage and noise novella. Equal parts oscillator spit, factory floor custodial work, prank calls to someone's grandma, and fluttering something-riffage. If you enjoyed the "Rival Sentinals" cassette on ESR, here is the next step in your journey. This jet only lands on dirt runways." [fr. label]

White mini cd-rs inside a tri-fold laserprint/screenprint-combo cardstock jacket with inserts, inside a resealable plastic sleeve.
Hand-numbered edition of 48.

order here!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Thomas Hummel & Eric Amling poetry reading!

i'll have copies of Thomas' new Greying Ghost Chap and some broadsides of Eric's poem from Corduroy Mtn available!
this event is 100% free and at least 1000% awesome. guaran-damn-teed.

flyers forthcoming!

i can relate....

Thursday, February 19, 2009

all mail has been sent. it is in the mail. in other words, shit be sent! later this week there'll be a pre-order for zach's chapbook The Pond. still in the process of getting the covers all squared away. while that's going on, i'm almost done with a chapbook version of a peter berghoef poem entitled Hank Williams. thang's looking sweet too. ordered more paper today because the stuff i was going to use was too glossy looking.

also later this week i should have a few copies of a 3"cd my old band "Triptych Trencher" did for the great vermont noise monger label grimeology. it is not a grime label. matt did some really amazing work getting this thing all packaged. just an awesome job!

i also started on the artwork/inserts for a couple tapes i'm doing for my tape label, which i'll have more info on later. they're looking sharp too.

in the mean time, enjoy this:

Monday, February 16, 2009

coming soon to a honky tonk near you.

ryan daley's A Border Looks Like Making Love is now sold out! last order came in today.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

zachary schomburg's The Pond is all printed. this weekend i'll be finalizing some cover designs. still shooting for an early march release date. i might do a pre-order beginning next week. there'll be 150 copies. i have never done a print run this large and so far its been a pretty smooth process.

due to the large amount of manuscripts we've received for the greying ghost, we will not be reading any MSs until the late summer/early fall. more info here. if you've already sent something in, you're still quite good. all previous requests/submissions will be considered. this is only for the ghost, not the corduroy mtn.

this will give me time to catch up on queries, unread MSs, and etc. i'd like to do larger print runs too. and some reprints. this summer we'll be hootin and hollerin'.


if anyone is interested in doing a poetry/prose reading on march 10th @ 7pm with Thomas Hummel at my place of employment, please get in touch with me. This will be a release party of sorts for his greying ghost chapbook as well as his other brilliant book Point and Line to Plane.

so if you live in the boston area or if you could drive out or up or over and want to read some of your work, get in touch. we're looking for 2-3 other poets to read. also, sorry about the last minute request. a couple were thinking of doing it but had other commitments. help a brother out! i'll be selling some ghost books at this event too.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

if you had plans to order Borrowed House, Boring Meadows, or Inside a Red Corvette, you best do it asap as they are F L Y I N G.

already 2/3rds of the way thru my stock!

order here!

thanks to all who have already purchased or shown interest!


Sunday, February 08, 2009

if you're going to AWP next week, be sure to bump into Jamie Iredell because he has a few advance copies of his GG chapbook which is entitled When I Moved to Nevada and is a B E A S T. the writing is immense. i should have copies available sometime in march.

Friday, February 06, 2009

all three books are now available on The Website!

many many many many many many thanks to Brooklyn, Becca, and Colin for sending me their insanely genius writing! check out there blogs/writing and heap praise upon them. also thanks to the folks who support the press and small presses in general. keep printing.

i'll be packing pre-orders and then regular orders tonight. get ready. let your jazz hands rip tonight.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

brooklyn and becca have received their copies! hopefully intact/not bent. i worry about these things. i will try and get them up for sale either tonight or tomorrow. hopefully colin's books arrive soon as well.

cleaned up the website a little. let me know if anything is messed up or if any of the paypal buttons crap out. aloha.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Monday, February 02, 2009

due to a rather nasty cold i've gotten behind on sending out mail. i am feeling better. thank you. you can still pre-order the latest batch of Greying Ghost books (see post below). they should be available individually by the end of the week, but really, in this spotty economy, why not reach for the bargain? it just makes cents. coming off of a cold, the super bowl, an internet connection, and a couch all added up to me catching up on GG and CM submissions. most likely, if you haven't heard back from us yet, we're almost there. keep the coffee warm and a light on. we're about 90% of the way through the pile. please excuse me while i cough into an old t-shirt.

i'm quite baffled by THIS and THIS. a few shave-jobs here and there and that baby's hangin' brain.

i am wearing my wife's slippers.

Friday, January 30, 2009

just finished the last book of the batch which will include:

    Borrowed House by Brooklyn Copeland
    Boring Meadows by Colin Bassett
    Inside A Red Corvette by Becca Klaver

this is a colorful batch. lots of bright colors. all different in design. the writing is immense in each. they should be available individually sometime this weekend or early next week. i just have to send out the artist copies.

up next:
work continues on kathryn regina's chapbook. and zachary s's book heads off to the printer.

COLD OPERATOR from Carson Mell on Vimeo.

old, but still grand.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

i always thought this was an underrated metal video. its by the band Accept, which was fronted by Patton Oswalt (no) and remembered for their anthem "Balls to The Wall" which sparked a whole generation to not sweat the small stuff and git er done.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

also in the works is a newly redesigned airforce joyride website. i saw the beginnings of it last night and it is looking quite sexy. it will be easier to navigate and shop and the info will be easier to process! i've been told the whole thing will be done in flash. which i assume is a nicer way of saying "not in your shitty html style"

stay tuned!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Corduroy Mtn. is no on duotrope which i believe is a good thing!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

brooklyn copeland's chapbook borrowed house is all printed, stapled, and trimmed. this book, along with colin bassett's boring meadows and becca klaver's chapbook will be available in early feb as a giant batch. they'll be sold separately of course, but there'll be a discount if you buy all three together. i haven't worked out all the details yet, as you can see.

in cleaning up the office i found an extra copy of brian foley's the tornado is not a surrealist! they first person to email me will earn the right to paypal me $6.00 (american)! huzzah!

in other news, stock of ryan daley's, christopher rizzo's, and corduroy mtn's chapbooks are on the verge of selling out. perhaps you should mosey on over to airforce joyride to get your mitts on em before they skid-addle on out of the office. i won't be doing any reprints for a while (as i try and ketchup) so don't drop the ball on this one. valentines day is coming up after all. these are, after all, literary flowers and telegrams.

i have 5, 3, & 10 copies respectively.

i forgot to buy lightbulbs today.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

state of the ghost

this will be the last post for awhile as i hunker down and crank out arm-loads of books for the spring. corduroy mtn "first print" has been a hoot. thanks to all who had writing included or who ordered one, read, and blogged about it. it's just about sold out. i'll definitely be doing more print issues in the future as time allows. here is what's coming up:

in the next couple of weeks we'll have the brooklyn copeland and becca klaver books ready. both are in the process of printing, assembling. brooklyn's book will have the newsprint inlay paper that i just found at the antique market. becca's will have some colorful paper as well. both will be full of awesome.

after that i'll begin work on kathryn regina's chapbook. its a book of poems involving balloonists and its one of the best things i've read awhile. i'm not just saying either. i mean, i am saying it, just not because the press is releasing it. hell, i might just pay myself for a copy. her book will feature loose sheets of printed paper, either hand sewn or stapled, with cloth tape. the covers will alternate red and white with red and white cloth tape. red paper, white tape, white paper, red tape. cover art tba. this will also be full of awesome.

due by march 1st will be zachary's book The Pond which i might have printed up at a local book press (depending on the quotes i get). if this is the case, i'll have a pre-order system set up to offset the costs. this will be the largest print run i've ever done. and the local printer i got my eye on does great work, quickly. block-print cover. all tastefully done.

i have a lot of work to do, so i'll be going now.

Monday, January 12, 2009

every last order has been sent or will be sent tomorrow a.m.!

went to the Lancaster flea market today. found a bunch paper for chaps and some other materials which might be used for package inserts. the paper is from a series of newspapers from the late 1800's and has that great heavy, letterpressed feel to it. the dude running the booth gave me the hairy eyeball as i sifted through his stacks of late 90s playboys and model train catalogs. he was wearing excessively large snow boots with his acid washed jeans tucked into the tops. a sweatshirt that said "king of beers" and looked like a slightly less-assassinated abraham lincoln.

came up with some good ideas while riding shotgun through central massachusetts. lots of downed trees and white limbs and hills and then into worcester for a comic book store stop then to some half mall with a food court for dinner. if i could eat all of my meals in various food courts, around the world, i would. aimee and i also discussed various world issues. i found an oversized kung-fu comic which has since turned out be terrible.

also, Corduroy Mtn: First Print is FLYING off the shelf. i have about fifteen left. to save you the trouble of clicking around, you can order it here:

its six bucks. that includes S+H and a ton of AWESOME WRITING BY AWESOME PEOPLE! six bucks, thats 60% of your fingers. and you only really need four anyways. thank you! you are welcome.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

i've been writing a lot while watching the tv with the sound off. mostly old movies and crime/forensic dramas. sort of like describing what i'm thinking is going on. or making up dialogue. i've gotten some interesting results which i might put into a collection...

i've been slacking on the web version of Corduroy Mtn. so if you sent something and haven't heard back yet, i'll be getting to it this weekend. so hold your pants on your horses.

Friday, January 09, 2009

received these books in the mail today. i sat and stared at them for 30min. amazingly put together. high quality. consider this one of those infomercials where i'm sitting pool side or with my wife in a fancy restaurant and i turn to the camera and say buying these books reaffirmed my belief in the printed word and reminded me that there's some really gorgeous stuff out there an then a number flashes and two midgets show up and sell you a cash flow generator. well, everything but the last part. there's no C.F.G. just awesome hand held books.

i tip my cap and curtsy to ya'll.

[note] those little people look like shrunken mitt romneys!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Monday, January 05, 2009

new year. new blog layout. the old style was ok in its minimalism. but it grew the hell on me. so i changed it to a more tan feel. i thought about this on our drive home from new hampshire. thought into action, that is my motto this year. i can also cross off an item from the "to do-and nine" [like saying two thousand and nine] list which was "buy the first roger daltrey solo record". done, and done. it was a very successful belated birthday record store run. lots of classic rock and mexican country records. something with the song title: you're the reason our kids are ugly.

portsmouth new hampshire is the shit. that's street lingo for "dandy"

now, this week becca klaver's chapbook hits the printer. got the cover paper in the mail on saturday. almost have brooklyn copeland's and kathryn regina's chaps all formatted. so those will be proofed thusly. then we'll bunker down and get zachary schomburg's books into production. then it'll be spring. the snow will be gone and in its place will be books. call off the plows. get drunka nd fat with the DPW fellows. sweet liberty! i've also added a box to the right so you can leer at what we hear here in the office's sanctum. warning: it's mostly classic rock at this point. i cleaned out the itunes folder. if you have an account, lets synch up lists. we need new music.

i'm drooling at the sight of these books.

hooray for william gass.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

tomorrow, sunday, we celebrate my birthday in style by going to a pizza hut bistro which i assume is a huge fancy pizza hut. then we go record shopping. then i can forget about birthdays for another 360 days (or so).

also, i've been writing a ton. expect some output in the new year.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

first post of the new year.

the first batch of First Print books will be shipped tomorrow. so get ready, you crazy kids.

the awesome folks at the EWN ranked shane jones' I will unfold you with my hairy hands as the 20th best book of the year! if you haven't read it, you're a bit too late to the dance as that one has done sold out for good. you should read shane's next book entitled "Light Boxes" published next month by publishing genius. | info

for my birthday i bought myself a bunch of dalkey archive books. this will be the late winter of dalkey. not unlike last winter, which was the winter of balki of perfect strangers fame. there were lots of dances for joy that winter. with a stuffed sheep named dimitri. did anyone watch that show? hello?