Saturday, December 13, 2008

a summation on my diner experiences

just got back from victoria's diner. if you know me, you know i love diners. i have this thing where i judge a diner based on its buttermilk pancakes. victoria's had very good buttermilk pancakes. they were on the thin side but still fluffy, solid, and overall, quite delicious. usually thin pancakes taste woeful as it means they've been burnt. these were not burnt. their milkshakes tastes woeful. it was like drinking milk out of a sweaty shoe. pancakes though, were top notch. they were $4.99 as well. i would put Victoria's somewhere in the middle of the pack. the upper echelon being the Deluxe Town Diner and the Talk of the Town Diner. the watertown double-headed buttermilk monster. botton of the list would be the 50's diner in Dedham and places like Perkin's or any continental breakfast buffet. Ihop is ok. Usually Ihop is filled with drunks and meth addicts (with nubby teeth) which scores them points in the overall amusement category. Ihop also has some mind-blowing hash browns. the 50's Diner in Dedham is greatly overrated. the portions are a slap in the face and the service is sloppy. if you expect a bad tap, you'll usually end up with a bad tip. that's all i'm saying. i'm talking about buttermilk pancakes, son. the Grecian Diner in Allston had some grade A flapjacks. but that place burned down, sadly. i'll still rank them high though. Centre Street Cafe here in JP is good but pricey. If i'm going to drop $9.00 on pancakes i'd better have my shoes and pants dazzled right off me. usually they aren't but the food is still good enough that you have to kick the tires on the cafe every now and then. go here if you come across some cash at the horse track or when you get your state income tax refund. sound bites is up there too. i'd like to check out that small diner near sullivan station. the one with the menu handwritten on paper plates. on my honeymoon i ate some flapjacks that were truly horrific. here's some exposition. we drank a bunch of caffeine drinks the night before as we were going to try and drive all night through the southwestern desert lands but we ended up pulling over at a truck stop and sleeping for an hour or two. we both woke up groggy gazing headlong into the sun. there's nothing on the radio in new mexico except for a syndicated NPR style program. so after an hour of this, i start getting hungry. so we pull off the highway and find a Mcdonalds in some bumfuck town. i get the hotcakes and a juice. a half hour later i'm doing lateral buttermilk tosses all over a rest stop. i chug some water and get it all out. i wait it out. then we hit the road, drive through el paso and i'm back driving through the country's most boring stretch of land on the way to Austin where i eventually sideswipe a deer and lose my cool. Austin was alright. too keep this inline with being press-related blog only, i will say that that was when I came with the name for Greying Ghost.

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