Monday, December 01, 2008

started working on the covers to Corduroy Mtn: First Print. it'll be a bloody good time. sort of like First Blood where Rambo first escapes from jail and seeks solitude in the mountainous reaches of the pacific northwest. imagine rambo coming across a stockpile of ammo and munitions and thinking: yes, this will come in quite handy. a mental note has thusly been taken. that is what life will be like for you, the reader, upon reading this issue. you will spring forth from your jail cell. you will hide in the woods. and you will hunt down Brian Dennehy.

on a legal note, i am not responsible for Mr Dennehy as a result of the reading of this issue.

for the covers i'm expanding on the idea i had for the Laura Carter broadsheets and mixing it with some remembrances of Northern Idaho past.

i haven't shaved in ten days. this coincides with my current reading of cormac mccarthy, who, i recently learned, is a fellow rhode islander. i have a headache and i've watched some absolutely terrible football this weekend.

thank you.

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