Friday, December 19, 2008

Jeff Harrison reviews Walden Book by Allen Bramhall! check it out at Galatea Resurrection.

i'd hate to have to work in a supermarket the night before a huge winter storm. went to stop n shop tonight for some odd n ends and i felt like the basic fabric of society was about to break down and the last 30 minutes of 28 days was going to transpire. someone was going to get knifed for cinnamon raisin bagels. i could absolutely smell it. then on the drive home we come up to a big car accident with the array of broken glass and people yelling at each other in the middle of the road. then flirting with disaster was on the radio and my wife and i were practicing our badut bop bop yeah's. now i'm home with my groceries, waiting for the snow to arrive. glancing at the wreckage from car accidents makes me sick in the stomach. always have. i'll run in the morning.

all mail orders have been shipped except for stuff going overseas. my apologies for the delay but the local post office is a nightmare and i can't so overseas shipping from the self check out machine. ill try and get em out during my lunch breaks.

Corduroy Mtn is about a week away. they're coming out excellent!


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annarummo said...

checked my spam folder. nothing there. what is your email? also, quit talking in tongues.

peter b. said...

ah reviews

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