Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i've been enjoying the Apostrophe Cast a lot lately.
perhaps, if you haven't yet, you should. especially the josh maday stuff. i always thought his name was pronounced may-day but muh-day. i am sorry.

i'm going to start jogging/running next week. and getting up early to write. both tasks will include ankle weights.

scrapped the covers to the Mtn. don't fret participants. a back-up plan has been instituted. in the interest of the sanity of everyone involved, it will be one big print issue. i'm scrapping the whole painted cover idea. they will come in some sort of sexy enclosure envelope. this will all be done soon. this new idea will shave off days.

have you read The Mtn. lately?

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John Dermot Woods said...

Thanks for listening to Apostrophe Cast. And, you were right about Josh Maday's last name - we messed up there.