Wednesday, December 24, 2008

all orders have been shipped!

i even went to the dreaded ******* street post office. i say dreaded because they have a rather poor reputation. i thought i mine as well just my mail to fire, then myself. you know, like, cut out the middle man. but these orders were important so i strapped on a set and waited there with the crying (possibly abandoned) children. there were a lot of kids in that place. a ton. i thought maybe there was some special exchange going on, what with the bad economy and all. they were all sad too. "cheer up, my man." i said to one of them. "christmas is a couple days away." but then he just started crying again. "did they set fire to you mail, too?" i asked him. "no." he said. i'm generally quite apathetic when it comes to postal workers, but man, what a rough week to be a postal worker. this dinner (i'm holding up my dinner plate) is in honor of you. please don't set my mail on fire. or submerge it in water. or whatever you guys do at your weekly after-hour get together.

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aimee said...

poor reputation?
I CANCELLED MY FREAKIN' EBAY ACCOUNT rather than having to ever ship or recieve anything again thanks to them.

which means now i need to use yours ;)